Going On Vacation? Look After Your Essential Possessions

Vacations: we wait all year to take them, spend half that year preparing for them, and are supposed to have a great time once we get there. And overall, it’s fair to say that most people do. But who reading this has never been on vacation and lost something important? It’s almost guaranteed that when you go on your travels, you will misplace one of the following vital holiday items – so make sure you are taking care of your possessions!
Passports are the most important document you will take with you when you travel anywhere in the world. Lose your plane ticket, and you can get another one. Lose your health insurance documents, and you can ask your provider to fax you over a copy. But lose your passport, and you are in serious trouble. Make sure you keep your passport – as well as you other important documents – well hidden. If your hotel or resort has a safe, use it, and only take out your passport when you know you are going to need it.
We all want to bring our favorite shoes with us when we go abroad – it’s important to look our best, after all! But if you decide to pack your brand new Jimmy Choos into your case, make sure you are keeping your eyes on them at all times. Let’s face it, women bring more pairs of shoes on holiday than men do, and as a result, they are more likely to forget about the odd couple. Your best bet? Make a list or inventory and tick them all off – perhaps even on a nightly basis if you are particularly forgetful!
Sunglasses are an invaluable tool in your vacation armory. Not only do they protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, but they will also hide the fact you aren’t wearing makeup on the beach!  However, sunglasses and eyewear are one of the most loss possessions by tourists when they go on vacation. It’s not too much of a problem if you buy yours from your local dollar bin store, but if you have splashed out on some Raybans, it can be heartbreaking.
As unbelievable as it sounds, swimwear is one of the most common lost items by holidaymakers. In fact, almost one in five people lose a bikini, swimsuit, or bathing shorts – although where and how they lose them is unknown. And the fact is that when you are in a resort, you will probably pay a lot more for an ill-fitting replacement than the one you bought at home that fits you like a glove.
Finally, when on vacation, we often take off our jewelry to ensure we get a full tan and don’t get those awful white lines that tend to appear almost as soon as you get off the plane. So, remove those wedding and engagement rings if you want, but never do it when you are on the beach or chilling by the pool. You won’t have a cat’s chance in hell of finding them if you lose them, so keep them in the safe alongside your passport and documents.

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