Ach No…Not Acne!

The teen years are tough for us all. There’s the hormones
and heartbreaks. And then there’s the acne. Arguably the worst of all. The
universe decides to give us more spots than ever, at the time when our
appearance is most important. What a joke. To get some idea of the extent of
acne, take note that 8 out of 10 teens develop the condition. Scary when you
think about it. But, the facts alone don’t give an idea of how much acne can
affect your life. There’s the self-conscious factor, of course. Then, there’s
the abuse other kids hurl at you. Worst of all, there’s the long-lasting
Despite the fact that most teen acne settles once your
hormones do, acne never leaves you. Why? Because of the scars, of course. You
forever have horrible reminders that your face once turned into its own
life-force. Not only does this remind you of a time you’d rather forget, but it
can also keep those self-conscious feelings alive. That’s why we’re going to
look at a few ways to kiss goodbye to acne once and for all.
The Miracle Creams 
As acne is such a widespread issue, there are many
high-street creams which promise to cure the scarring. Something like the
Garnier Anti-Imperfections Roll On is affordable, and promises to reduce the
appearance of scars. And, there are many other options you can choose from if
that one doesn’t appeal. The majority of these creams work by stimulating cell
growth in your skin. It may not be enough to heal deep-set scars altogether,
but it’ll go some way towards reducing visibility. If you don’t get along with
one option, don’t hesitate to try another. They all work in slightly different
ways, after all.
The Next Level
If the high-street creams aren’t doing the job, you may want
to take more extreme action. You could speak to your doctor about medical
creams which may have more of an impact. Or, you might want to go down a
cosmetic route. That’s not to say you need to go under the knife. There are
many dermatology treatments which could help, from microdermabrasion to laser
skin resurfacing. You can find out more at and other
surgeries like them. If you’ve never considered this before, don’t hesitate to
take a look and see what’s on offer. These treatments aren’t as invasive as you
might think.
The Right Foundation 
Okay, a foundation isn’t going to cure the issue. But, it
will go a long way towards building your confidence while you seek treatment.
Under a heavy-duty foundation, your scars shouldn’t show at all. Of course,
it’s important you take time finding the right foundation for you. Some are
going to be more effective than others. If you want to know where to start,
take a look at the suggestions on sites like Forums like
these are useful. The people posting have been where you are, so will have the
best idea of what you need.

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