5 Bucket List Destinations That Cannot Be Missed

Everybody has a bucket list of destinations that they want to visit before they die. For some, the bucket list is made up of long-haul holidays that are luxurious and full of riding on the back of elephants and spa massages. For others, a bucket list of holidays is made up of pure adventure; mountain climbing and whitewater rafting. Either way, your bucket list is your dream destination list of places to go once you’ve saved the money.
These lists are great ways to keep yourself motivated if you have a goal of getting there, but choosing where you want to travel and what you want to put on your list in the first place can be hard! With the whole world at your feet and the option to buy the best travel insurance online, you have some great choices to make. So, where in the world should you travel to, if you want to have an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience?
Vegas. One of the places in the world that nearly everyone wants to experience at least once, is Las Vegas – and it’s not just for the gambling. Cirque du Soleil, the SlotZilla Zip Line where you can see the whole of the Vegas area from the skies and rollercoasters hundreds of feet in the air are all to be seen. Putting Vegas on your bucket list has to happen!
Iceland. There’s not much that needs to be said about Iceland, because it speaks for itself. The Northern Lights, geothermal spas, glaciers, the Midnight Sun, the whales; we really could go on. Iceland is a beautiful country with a beautiful culture and food to absolutely die for.
Havana. White sandy beaches, architecture that you cannot tear your eyes off of, clear blue waters and the chance to try the best cigars in the world, Havana in Cuba is somewhere to visit if you love culture. If you enjoy kicking back with a glass of sweet, homemade rum and watching the world go by, Havana is the place to be.
Santorini. Europe is often left behind when it comes to bucket lists. People want far-flung destinations and long-haul flights to get there, but Santorini in Greece has just as much charm as anywhere. The sunsets alone are worth the flight, but the church domes amid the white architecture along with the local Greek cuisine should put this one right to the top of the list.
Cancun. Beach lovers everywhere will fall in love with the sugar-white sand and crystal-clear waters. The water is clear enough to snorkel and watch the sea turtles frolic beneath the waves. History buffs will love the architecture and sites of the Mayan civilization to visit.
Your bucket list means visas, insurance and vaccinations. It means months of research, savings and careful choosing of the right travel list. You could choose a myriad of places to hop from one to the other just for the experience. Get saving and get researching for the biggest adventures of your life.

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