3 Criminally Underrated Travel Destinations

 Leaving your home country on a vacation, and
sampling some of the wonderful experiences that the world has to offer, is
always a welcome refresh to the system. However, with a lot of the more popular
destinations, the bustling tourist trade has completely smothered the more
genuine, undiluted aspects of the culture. Here, we’ll list some of the
criminally underrated travel destinations, where you can get a real
taste of the spirit of the country.
South Korea
Sandwiched between the popular destinations of
China and Japan, South Korea is overlooked all too often as a travel
destination. While it’s smaller, and to many people, seems less exotic than
other east-Asian countries, the nation is full to bursting with adventure.
South Korea has a temperate climate and drastically different seasons, allowing
for a wide range of activities. There’s a large range of mountains just outside
of the nation’s capital, Seoul, and
surrounding rocky peaks make it a popular destination for avid rock climbers.
If you’re visiting Seoul, and you think you can manage it, try to get out into
the foothills for the sunrise. The way the early morning fog rises slowly from
the peaks of the mountains makes for a truly breath-taking sight, not to
mention a once-in-a-lifetime selfie opportunity!
Just north of the US, Canada is often
overshadowed by the size and diversity of America, along with its many iconic
cities. However, if you ask a few seasoned travellers, they’ll tell you that
the States’ neighbour to the north has far more to offer. Canada has some of
the most intriguing and cosmopolitan cities you can find anywhere in the world,
gorgeous summers and intense winters, and no matter where you are, you’re going
to be surrounded by miles of sprawling natural beauty. If you’re curious about
seeing this unique country yourself, start looking for some flights and apply for an ETA for Canadahere.
Whether it’s the sprawling metropolis of Toronto, the bohemian
charm of Nanaimo, or the potent history of Newfoundland, there’s a world of
adventure to be had in Canada. Jump right in, and you certainly won’t regret
Wales (UK)
Many travellers these days will tell you that if
there’s an adventure capital of Europe, it has to be Wales. While
it’s pretty much essential that you travel in the summer to avoid the grim
British weather, seeing Wales is an experience that most people won’t easily
forget! With its rugged, untamed coast, the breath-taking mountains of
Snowdonia, and hiking trails that can last days, Wales is the perfect
destination for travellers who like to get off the beaten track, and closer to
nature. If you’re planning a trip to Wales, the one attraction you really need
to see is Bounce Below. Inside a massive underground cavern, you’ll be able to
traverse the huge via ferrata, ride on indoor ziplines, and have a bounce on
the largest underground trampoline in the world. Just outside of it, adrenaline
junkies can have a ride on the world’s fastest zipline.

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