Planning On Buying Jewelry? Know These Things First!

It’s pretty safe to say that all of us like getting good value for money. This can be on any end of the spectrum – whether you are hoping to get your weekly shop at a discounted price, or whether you are investing in something much more expensive, such as property. There is something incredibly satisfying about knowing that you’ve got a good deal, and it often makes you appreciate the item much more. One such investment that you may be looking to make is in jewelry. Some people buy jewelry as a standalone investment, while some of us just want it because (and let’s face it!), it is beautiful. But how do you know when you’re getting a good deal when it comes to diamonds and pearls? When there is a lot of money at stake, you naturally want to make sure that you aren’t being conned into a dodgy sale. Here are some home truths about the jewelry industry and what to look out for when you buy; whether you’re securing your financial future or just treating yourself!

Never buy on your first store visit
You may pass a local jewelry shop and fall in love with one of the first diamond rings you see – but try not to be so hasty. Buying jewelry in the store can sometimes be a bit of a hectic experience, mainly because the sales assistant is desperate to close a deal with you. But try not to be too easily pressured into this. Be confident, but don’t give away your level of knowledge too much in front of the staff -whether you know loads about jewelry or whether you are a complete amateur. Do a little bit of research, such as reading a James Allen Review, so you have some comparisons to make in the store. Finally, take one of their cards but never leave your personal details with them, so the ball is firmly in your court.
Watch out for faked hallmarks

The only true way to determine the value of a precious metal is to go on its karat rating. Hallmarks are easily faked. For example, you may come across a necklace that has a designer’s logo engraved on the back, or a supposed karat rating – but be aware that these are very easy replicate. Always go for only 18 karats and above, and if you feel you need to, weigh the jewelry in your hand. Nine times out of ten, this is a dead giveaway as to the quality of the item.

The oldest trick in the book…

… has got to be ‘looking at a diamond in the sun.’ Diamonds are valued all over the world for the way in which they shimmer and catch the light. But even fake replicas will look amazing when hit with direct sunlight – however, that doesn’t mean that they are of any real value! If a jeweler offers you this advice, run a mile immediately and take your trade elsewhere.

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