In To Beauty Treatments? Here’s 10 For You To Try

When a girl loves beauty treatments, it can become an obsession. One minute you’re trying out the latest foundation, and the next, you’re having the strangest looking liquid applied all over your body. What a girl would do to look good, hey? If you were that little girl that played in her Mom’s makeup bag every single morning and felt mesmerized every time you got dragged through the beauty section of a department store, you probably know no boundaries when it comes to trying out the latest treatments, and you’re not the only one.
Beauty can be weird, wonderful and often painful, but it’s also magical, flattering and a whole lot of fun. If you’ve made your way through oxygen facials and eyelash extensions and you’re on the lookout for something new and exciting to try, any one of these ten cool, crazy and quirky treatments could be the one that you’re looking for.
Permanent Makeup
Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up with perfect makeup every single morning? And wouldn’t it be just swell not to have to spend hours in front of the mirror every time you go out? Well, ladies, permanent makeup has made all that possible. From tiny hair strokes to fill out sparse brows to eyeliner and lip color, you can get your makeup permanently applied so that it lasts up to two years! Now if that isn’t magic, what is?
Extraction Facial
Every skin obsessed girl loves a facial, but have you ever had one with extractions? Now, we all know how satisfying it can be to pop a pimple or finally remove some of those blackheads that were staring back at you in the mirror. So, if there were a professional service where this could be done properly, wouldn’t it be amazing? Book yourself in for an extraction facial, and that’s exactly what happens. Cleansing, cleaning and cleaning the skin never felt so good.
Teeth Whitening 
Then there’s always that incredible process of taking your teeth up a few shades of white. Of course, if you’ve been to the dentist and had the procedure done professionally, your white teeth should stay that bright for years to come. However, if you’ve not yet made the leap, or you’re looking to take them up a few shades, you have to look into charcoal toothpaste. Places like Cocoblack stock this incredible way to get your teeth super white, without the need for professional treatment.
Chrome Nails
If you’re a big nail art fan, then you may have tried this one out already. But if you’re yet to spot the crazy, you’re going to want to get yourself down to your favorite nail salon and give chrome nails a whirl. Not only do these gold, silver or pewter beauties look incredible, the process used to create them is super cool too. For metallic nails that are more metal than metal, you’re going to have to get on the chrome nail hype.
Chemical Peel
When you suffer from bad skin, you can often feel like you’re destined to stick with it. However, there are few treatments out there that can actually clear up your skin and help to keep it that way. A chemical peel is one of them. Not only does this incredible treatment leave you with fresh, beautiful feeling skin. But, you can also help to erase any fine lines and combat wrinkles before they get too serious.
Body Brushing
A little less invasive but just as effective is the idea of body brushing. Now, if you want to have healthy body skin, you’re going to want to make sure that you start this right away. Using a soft bristled brush, you buff at the skin, from the feet upwards, in circular motions towards the heart. This process not only removed dry and dead skin cells, but it also improves your circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage to rid the body of toxins. It really is the ultimate beauty booster.
Lip Fillers 
Lips are definitely the talk of the town right now, but, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel left out. If you have thin lips or even just one thin lip, you might want to look into trying out lip fillers. Now, this might sound painful or a little extreme, but filler doesn’t last forever, so if you’re not in love with the look, you can just do it the one time and not go back for a top up. But, if you’re looking for soft, full, luscious lips, you’re going to want to try it out.
This ancient Chinese treatment is a celebrity favorite. It’s a little odd but can work wonders if you’re looking to improve your circulation and remove toxins. Small glass cups are heated by a smoking flame and then placed onto the skin. This creates a vacuum-like sensation. And yes, it does leave you with little red looking ring mark, but they soon fade. The balanced feeling you after is completely worth it.
If you’re always looking at other girls’ lashes and wishing you had them, you’ve probably tried every lengthening, volumizing and curling mascara under the sun. You may have even given eyelash extensions a go, or wear falsies on the regular. But, if you want to have naturally amazing looking lashes, you’re going to want to do LVL. This lash lifting and lengthening treatment gives you more defined lashes for up to six weeks. Incredible, huh!
And of course, the best has been saved for last. If you’re not a fan of cold temperatures, this one might freak you out a little. But, hopefully, you’ll agree that the freezing side of things will be entirely worth it. Cryotherapy involves standing in freezing temperatures, somewhere between -80 and -120 degrees Celsius for a short period. Now, if you’re wondering why anybody would want to put themselves through that, you wouldn’t be alone. However, the benefits including treating inflammation and kick starting your immune system, which can do a world of good for your beauty regime. 


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