How To Be Daring In Your Summer Fashion Revamp

Apart from winter, summer is the quintessential period in the year where
you’re allowed to go little off the deepened. It’s an opportunity for fashion
around the world to shake off the cobwebs, revitalize, evolve and try something
bold. That’s your cue. Those who dare to try something new are awarded
admiration for being brave, and sometimes they set trends that all others
follow. If you want to be the flamingo among the flock of pigeons, you’re going
to need a few ideas.
Lipsticks Hats and
The right lipstick is agraphic punch of shade that immediately stands out as a figure of your personality.
Lighter, brighter colors stand out more in summer time rather than intense hues
that do better in winter. Cotton candy pink is subtle, cute and the postcard
image of sunshine. Couple it with a wicker or straw wide brim summer hat. The
pink is there to declare your arrival with a BAM effect, but the hat makes
onlookers wait for the surprise.
Choosing the rightsunglasses is a little more tricky. Factor into your decision the type of face
shape you have. If you have a heart face, try a style with bottom-heavy frames
as this will help to extend the width of your look and deaden the triangular
angle of your chin. Read through a guide to help you make the best purchase for
your natural curves.
Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but hey, don’t forget about the
other iconic statements jewelry can make all around your body. Bracelets are a
big hit in summer, as they compliment your bare arms in a summer dress. They can be
anything from wooden, vintage, ethnic or seasonal designs. Picking the right
style is slightly a matter of choice; however, color coordination is what will
set you apart. A tiger-patterned wooden bracelet kindly offsets a Verragio ring as the strong
brown can draw attention to the sparkle of your middle or index finger.
Necklaces aren’t really necessary in summer because many summer t-shirts
have artwork which draws attention away from the neck area. Yet, if you’re
intent on wearing a flowery dress, a beautiful polished and buffed silver
necklace wouldn’t go amiss. Getting noticed is easier said than done,
the goal is to trap the sunshine in your jewelry so you can command the
gleam of the sun at your beck and call.
Short shorts
Skinny jeans are okay for spring, but the beating sun will take no
prisoners in the heart of the summer months so if you’re comfortable with
showing a bit of skin, short shorts are the option for
you. The tapered ripped denim style is always a favorite with ‘le chic chicks’,
who like to wear flat skater shoes. Cotton fabrics in a white shell pattern
work well with a dark handbag or a thin waist-high jacket. The hemline is
important as the tightness of the clothing is sometimes imperative to avoid any
Marilyn Monroe moments if suddenly a rogue gust of wind were to befall you. For
this fashion item, it’s best to go and try the style you want in-store as
you’ll get a more accurate picture of how your legs and rear look in short

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