Asian Beauty Trends That I Can’t Wait To Arrive In The US

 The beauty
industry tries really hard to keep people interested in its latest products.
But when you strip away the fancy new packaging, you quickly realize that
things haven’t really changed. Despite the change in branding and the addition
of a couple of new buzzwords, underneath it’s still just moisturizer or
foundation. Little has actually changed.
For many
bloggers, this has led to a sense of lethargy with the beauty world. New
products are great, but they also have to be inspiring if they’re going to make
an impact. If they’re not inspiring, then they’ll just end up filling your
bathroom cupboard next to the rest of your unused products.
What the
market in the US needs right now is a bit of a kick up the backside.
There needs to be a step change in how we think about makeup and the styles
that we use. Perhaps the best place for this change to come is from the East
which has developed its own beauty trends in parallel with the West. When these
trends arrive – if they arrive – it won’t be a moment too soon. 
Water exfoliators
are big business in the East. In Japan, for instance, a water exfoliator is
sold every twelve seconds. But why are they so popular? It turns out that they
are extremely effective at getting rid of all the stuff that you don’t want on
the surface of your skin, like dead skin cells and dirt. But at the same time,
they’re also super effective at keeping your skin moist and supple, just like
you want it. Western exfoliators still rely on chemicals and ingredients that
are too harsh for many skin types, and so those with sensitive skin await the
arrival of water exfoliators with baited breath. Water exfoliators are
particular good for anybody who has skin conditions, like psoriasis or eczema.
There are some homemade exfoliator recipes on
has become an important part of the beauty regimen of many women. Some experts
and researchers estimate that around 80 percent of the damage done to our skin
is the result of sun exposure, not aging. In the west, we’ve tried to include
sun protection into our routines, carrying around little travel-size spray
bottles in our handbags. But putting sunscreen over the top of makeup is usually
a recipe for disaster.
In the East,
people are concerned about the effects of the sun too. But they’ve come up with
an ingenious solution. It’s called compact sunblock, and instead of coming in
the form of a spray, it comes in the form of a powder instead. In places like Japan, going to the bathroom to powder
your nose also means applying SPF protection, but not in the way that you’d
Technology Bubble Masks  
Sites like point out that skin can sometimes look less full than you’d
like. But a new Asian skin treatment offers a potential solution. It’s called a
“bubble mask, ” and it relies on special chemicals that react with the skin to
give it extra radiance. The mask itself is made from oils and active
ingredients which produce a gentle reaction that bubbles up all over the face.
Right now,
the facemask industry is getting a little stale. There are only so many ways
you can repackage clay. Bubble masks have an element of theater which in many
ways helps to make them a marketer’s dream. Watching bubbles foam up on your
face is fun, like extra-foamy toothpaste. This is one of those skincare
products you can imagine being a real event with the girlfriends.
women wanted a product that combined sun protection, foundation and moisturizer all in one. And so
manufacturers got to work on making the perfect product. The result was a “face
blurrer” – a type of product that could be used to conceal blemishes before
additional layers of makeup were added.
You can
imagine that if such a product were launched in Western countries, it would be
big news. Women all over the country are constantly looking for ways to
simplify the morning routine and take some of the effort out of applying
multiple products to their faces. A simple, one-size-fits-all product would do
rather nicely, yet nobody seems to have cottoned onto the fact that this is
something women want.
Spritz Masks
 Spritzs help
to refresh the skin, especially on hot days. But splash spritz masks are a
little different. Instead of being caked onto your face and left for 20
minutes, a splash mask only lasts a few seconds. It’s also super easy to clean
off and doesn’t leave marks on your bedsheets if you miss a bit.

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