Face Time!

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Your face or mine? We all would like to look a little bit better and have fewer lines and wrinkles. And there are so many people who will tell you to just embrace it, but what if you don’t want to? I can totally empathize with that. Getting rid of those wrinkles makes us feel a whole lot better in ourselves, and yes there are little tricks to distract attention from the problem areas on our body. We can use jewels as one little method, but let’s dig into what our face can really benefit from.

Your Eyebrows
It’s a fashion right now to have those really thin lines and dark colors, but the trick to making your eyebrows stand out (in the right ways) is to make the color the same as your hair or just one shade darker. If you have dark hair, brown is the very limit. Blondes and brunettes should try a taupe color. And feather your brows to give it some added texture. Shaping your brows can really add shape to your face, and the best option is to go for professional eyebrow shaping. Costs vary, and can go from $30 to $60 from your local salons. For some, a simple maintenance session, and cleaning up some strays from the top will make you look much younger.

The Makeup
Less is more when it comes to covering the signs of aging. People seem to think that by applying loads of makeup it does a better job of covering up the lines when in fact, it has the opposite effect and makes you look older! For those that have the money, opting for a facelift specialty surgeon is a much safer procedure now than 20 years ago because of the laser technology. There are also skin products that have photo-optic technology, such as primer, which revitalizes your skin by resurfacing and brightening the clarity of your face.

The Lips
Thick, fuller lips are all the rage right now, and there are many products for temporary lift plumping out there. The Pout Plump increases blood flow to your lips for a temporary period and is peppermint flavor, yummy! There’s also products like the LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plumper which goes right through the tissue using microspheres of dehydrated marine collagen.

The Smile
If you don’t show some teeth, you aren’t going to be the brightest person in the room! For the smokers and red wine drinkers out there, you’ve got some options. You can easily whiten some discolored teeth using products like Crest Night Effects Premium. It contains a gel of hydrogen-peroxide that removes stains after 18 uses. For those on the go constantly you can get Supersmile Teeth Whitening that comes in a tube. All you have to do is squeeze a small drop from the tube, smooth it over your teeth and you are good to go. The tube is a handy pocket size so you can take it wherever you go and keep your pearly whites looking bright!