My Precious Personalized Cross Necklace

I fancy any personalized items especially fashion accessories. When it comes to earrings, I like the studded ones. When you ask my take with rings, I like anything plain classy silver looking jewelry. Same thing… View Post

Bellast Finest – Fashion Jewelry Brand

I was so amazed when I got the jewelries from “Bellast at finest” is the thing that comes out to my mouth when I saw the luxurious mien of each fashion jewelry pieces. This Fashion… View Post

Shine Your Beauty – Fashion Trend

With such a fine and summer solstice inviting weather outside, after a few days of raining cats and dogs I decided to take a walk in my newest favorite pink dress courtesy of Beads and… View Post

Shy Shop Product Review

ABOUT SHY SHOP: A Trusted supplier of quality accessories and affordable beauty products for him and for her. MISSION: 1. To be a leading supplier of affordable accessories 2. To ink smile to every couple who… View Post