Gifts vs. Experiences

If you’re looking to make a special impression on someone and you’re torn between getting a gift or an experience, this article aims to shed some light on that might be best.
To better understand the person you are treating, whether in a romantic context or not, it might be a good idea to read up on the “5 Love Languages” as there are five ways people like to give and receive love; yet each person has a predominant style.
The list includes:
  • words of affirmation (e.g. being told how much you are loved or appreciated)
  • acts of service (e.g. mowing the lawn or cooking breakfast)
  • quality time (e.g. spending a duvet day together)
  • physical touch (e.g. massage and cuddles)
  • gifts (e.g. receiving an unexpected present)
When it comes to gifts, people have mixed feelings, as some people feel the need to spend days researching diamonds on websites such as whilst others feel the best thing to do is visit and get a really nice smelling bathbomb.
The point is, gifts do not have to be expensive in order to be meaningful.  Think of how it feels to receive a special mud pie made lovingly from your child or a picture they have dawn – gifts are often about intent rather than cost.
Gifts can often be a catalyst to connection but they don’t have to be fancy.  Imagine your partner keeps waking in the middle of the night due to being stressed at work, and you go for a walk on the beach together, collecting little twigs and shells.
He has no idea what you’re doing, but then, a few nights later you present him with a homemade dream catcher, that you then hang over his side of the bed.  Whether or not the dreamcatcher will work, is another matter, but how loved, cared for and nurtured would this make that person feel?
Also, gifts don’t have to be physical items.  Indeed, if the recipient’s love language is quality time, what better way to spend quality time together than doing something fun like organising an adventurous activity such as white water rafting, race car driving, or ziplining.
The main difference gifts have over experiences is that the gift is a tangible token of your care… whereas, an experience, whilst fleeting, creates magic moments that can be treasured for the rest of your lives!
When you think back over your life… do you think of the physical gifts you received or do you think back to key experiences?  See, life is made up of experiences, and the more magical moments you can experience in your life the more fulfilling your life will be – particularly when shared with loved ones.
Yes, it’s nice to receive gifts, but the next time you’re considering what to get someone special for christmas or their birthday, consider treating them to a memorable experience that will light them up, and ideally, be one that you can enjoy together.

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