Style Yourself From Scratch With These DIY Hobbies

Want a wardrobe that’s truly unique to you? Go one step further than buying bespoke clothing and learn to craft your outfits. DIY fashion is becoming increasingly more popular and there are many online communities set up around it giving tips and lessons on how to make your own clothing and accessories. Here are a few hobbies that could be worth getting into to help you style yourself from scratch.

Jewellery making
There are endless opportunities when crafting your own jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings can all be relatively easy to craft – you can start by experimenting with basic designs and then start to learn different weaves and ways of working with different materials. You can choose your own gems and pendants and get the measurements best suited for you. DIY jewellery can also be a great DIY gift – it gives you the freedom to choose the designs that people like and incorporates birthstones and colours that jewellery on the high street can’t provide.

Dressmaking can be another great craft to learn. You’ll need a sewing machine (unless you’re daring to hand-stitch clothing) and a lot of thread. From here you can experimenting with all kinds of wholesale fabric. On top of dresses, you may want to experiments with skirts and eventually even blouses and shirts. There are lots of guides online that can teach you how to measure and piece together clothes.

Dyeing and printing
You can also make your own custom clothes by learning how to dye and print. Bleach printing is a great skill to learn that can be used to create your own patterns. You can then start experimenting with coloured dyes and patterning techniques – there are many video tutorials of these on youtube.

When it comes to printing, there are all kinds of techniques. You could even create complex designs on a computer and buy a printer for making your own t-shirt ideas.

Knitting and crocheting
Knitting and crocheting isn’t just for old people. It can be a great skill to learn for crafting everything from blankets to scarves to jumpers. Knitting and crocheting relies on few resources, but can be more time-consuming and repetitive than other crafts relying a degree of patience. Some find it to be very therapeutic. There are tons of tutorials on how to knit and crochet online.

Making shoes is a little trickier than many other DIY fashion crafts. It’s easiest to start with slippers and dolly shoes. There are shoemaking kits online that can help you to craft your own footwear. The advantage of DIY shoemaking is that you can craft any designing to your very own shoe size. Once you get competent you may feel brave enough to start working with leather and possibly making heels and brogues.

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