Bachelorette Party Madness: How to Plan an Epic Night

A bachelorette party is meant to be the bride’s last night of freedom; where she truly gets to let her hair down amongst all the planning and stress. As the bridesmaid or maid of honor, it’s your duty to give your bride to be a night she’ll always remember, and that takes some planning. It isn’t always easy to pull off the perfect party and keep everyone happy. So, here are a few tips to planning the perfect hen night.

Get Brainstorming
If there are a couple of you who are responsible for planning the event, get together and have a brainstorm. Remember, this night has to be all about the bride, so it’s important to think of things you know she will enjoy. It’s often a good idea to ask family members who know her best for some ideas. However, be wary of stretching the boundaries too far. Even if your bride likes a challenge, you won’t want to make her feel uncomfortable on a night when she’s supposed to be enjoying herself.

Make it Personal
Just like the wedding, the hen night has to have meaning. It’s no good walking into a party that could be for anyone, so make an effort to personalize the event. Perhaps you could use cardboard cut-outs of the grooms face or decorate the room with things you know the bride will love. If there are a lot of hens, you could even have a different theme for each table. For instance, if your bride loves Disney, each hen could come dressed up as a different Disney character, saving the bride’s favorite character for her costume.

No hen night is a success without a great selection of games. For example, the marital advice game works well in any kind of party and it often results in a few good laughs. Why not try the photo hunt game? Every hen is given a list of photo opportunities she must find during the night, like a photo with a police officer or a karaoke photo. The hen whose crossed off the most photos from her list by the end of the night wins. And of course, there are tons of drinking games to get involved in.

Keep the Cost Down
Planning an epic hen party can get expensive, and many hens won’t want to pay a fortune just for a good night out. But, there are lots of ways you can still have the same amount of fun without paying sky high prices. Take a look at the Kikori Whiskey price for example, or you may be better off buying alcohol in bulk if there are a lot of you. You can also cut back on price per head by going for a buffet rather than a three-course meal. You’ll also find bulk deals on hen t-shirts and balloons online. That way you keep the bride and the hens happy at the same time.

Whatever you do, when it comes to planning a hen party, don’t try and wing it!

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