BHD? Bad Hair Days And What To Do About Them

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The problem with our hair is that it's a hat that we never take off. I know this may sound a little silly but think about it. If you don't like a hat that you've been wearing, you can simply take it off and throw it away. But you can't exactly do that with you hair now; can you? But what can you do if you're having a bad hair day (BHD)? Read on for some inspiration.

Get it cut
The number one go to for most folks when they have a BHD is to change things up by calling their local salon to get it cut. It may be that it just needs the split ends trimming off? Or that you are so fed up with it that you choose to get it all hacked off and have a completely new restyle?

Getting a full restyle is often a positive experience, as it can make you feel like a whole new person and give you a little lift. But not all of them go quite as well as you might like.

However, don't let this put you off. As the wonderful thing about hair is that it grows, especially if you use a product like this hair growth shampoo to speed things up a bit. That means that even if you're not so keen on your new cut, you won't be stuck with it for long!

Change the colour 
You can also get your hair coloured if you have too many BHDs. Getting your hair coloured should usually be done at a salon, although you can get some home kits that work well too.

However, the problem with these is unless you are going for a similar colour to your or own hair, maybe one or two shades difference, they have a tendency to go wrong.

That is because to get a dramatic colour difference you often have to pre-lighten the hair beforehand with hydrogen peroxide. Something that is definitely better left to the professionals.

Try a new style
If your bank account is a little too low to get a cut or colour, then why not refresh your hair and avoid BHDs by trying a new style instead? Some folks think that styling is only for long hair.


Yes, there are lots of ideas and inspiration online about what to do with shoulder or longer length hair. However, there are also plenty of style bloggers that have some great ideas for short hair too. Check out this page for some examples.

Try a new product
Sometimes you have can the right cut and colour, but your hair still isn't doing what you want it to. In this case, trying a new product maybe something that can help.

If your hair is fine and limp, go for a volumising powder or some dry shampoo to get some body in there. If it's more curly and unruly, then a curl serum can help define you wave and give you a shiny mirror gloss instead of all of that frizz.