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Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy

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Artist and Sacred Treasure of Japan Shozo Sato gave a demonstration and lecture on Japanese calligraphy and brush painting. Stating the importance of how Zen philosophy influences the practice of art making. Sato has won many awards including the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Emperor of Japan for helping to disseminate Japanese culture to the West, and for his theatrical productions. He has written numerous books on the Sumi-e, the Japanese tea ceremony, Ikebana (the art of arranging flowers), and classical dance. Born in Ikataku, Kobe City, Japan in 1933, Shozo Sato received a degree in fine arts from Bunka Gakuin College, Tokyo, and also highest diplomas in various fields. Indeed a living legend and a superior mind in his craft. An internationally renowned Japanese master of Zen arts and visionary theater director, he is most known for adapting Western classics to Japanese Kabuki theater. These are just a few of his merits, making him a famous identity when it comes to Japanese art of calligraphy as well. 

A startling book on the intersection of Japanese aesthetics and Zen Buddhist thought, Shodo educates not just the advanced but as well as the beginning students alike to a more comprehensive understanding of this unique brush painting art form. He makes the convoluted art of Zen Shodo not only comprehensible and attainable to the average or new  reader he goes beyond the chronicle and possible Zen definitions to boost the reader to express themselves in this age-old writing style with simple easy to follow formats and the never before explained rhythm of the marks. His choices are relevant today in our lives full of high end gadgets, super advanced technology, and consistently changing life style making his insights and clarity transform the hard topic to a more understandable one.By bringing out the life and the human experience from a few brush strokes, Prof. Sato was able to reach out to more individuals who are longing to understand the complicated art of calligraphy. It is like a compilation of knowledge for the training of the mind to recognize earthly reality.

Though it is definitely not a breeze, but this book will redefine and enlighten you on that path. Learning may not be easy but the power and wisdom of Zen poetry will entice you to continue studying the art of beautiful, stylized, and elegant handwriting or lettering with pen or brush and ink. Only The Great Master Shozo Sato can deliver that.