Give Yourself An Instagram Styled Makeover

If any of you have Instagram and have ever scrolled through the explore part, you’ll know exactly what this post title means. A lot of girls out there are using the social media platform to showcase their makeup skills, and some of the transformations are truly incredible. If you don’t scroll through explore and feel a tad jealous of what you see, you’re either lucky, or lying. To get to that level it takes a lot of practice and skill, so this post is going to give you some basic steps to an insta makeover.

If you don’t already use primer, then get to your local store and buy some asap. It is the first layer that you put on before any actual make up. It is usually clear, or sometimes a light brown, and works wonders. It basically either covers up visible pores, or gives your skin a smoothed over look. It is the perfect base for the foundation to stick to. Be careful not to put too much on though, it can sometimes make your skin go a little greasy.

Another vital step before foundation. Concealer is best put under the eyes, in the T-zone, and below the tips. It’s amazing for reducing the appearances of bags, shine, blemishes or spots. Be sure to get yourself a more upmarket one, as some can either dry out your skin, or make it go a little cakey. If you’re looking for a higher quality one, go to and see what range they have. You can also mix a little of the concealer into your foundation for extra coverage.

Foundation is the most important part of the process. You need to find the perfect foundation that works for your skin type. Some will either leave your oily, dried out, or the coverage will be bad. Shop around and try and few different types until you figure out the best for you. When applying foundation, the more the better. Build it up layer by layer until you’ve got a medium to full coverage. But whatever you do, don’t get to the stage of looking cakey. Make sure it is all blended in, especially around the jawline to prevent that orange line we all dread. If you want to experiment with contouring you can, but this is just a simple guide so we won’t confuse you. But if you want to try it, go to

Your eyes should be your main event. Do them right, and they’ll be what draws the attention to your face. You’ll need a decent eyeshadow palette with a good amount of pigmentation. But to begin with, a simple drug store one will do. Like with the foundation, you need to build the layers up until the colour becomes more prominent. Blend into the outer corner of your eye in circular motions. Smooth outwards up towards your eyebrow, but don’t go too far out towards the side of your head. Start with a simple look of one colour until you get to the stage where you’re blending properly. With the right brushes it shouldn’t take long.
Finish the look with some red, or maroon lipstick to make your face pop and you’re well on your way to the instagram look.

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