What To Do When Your Wardrobe Eats Your Whole Budget

Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s all too easy a mistake to make and you’re certainly not the first lady in the world to make it. Getting perhaps a little too enthusiastic about building yourself a fantastic wardrobe and finding that you’re going to have to stick with instant noodles to make up for it happens to everyone at some point. But the important thing is that you learn your lesson. Is that lesson to buy fewer clothes? Of course not! It’s about buying smarter, instead.

Skip the labels
The power of the label is an attractive force to many a woman. But sometimes, that’s all you’re really buying. You’re not getting ‘better’ fashion. In fact, you might be getting the exact same pieces you might get elsewhere or even sacrificing some individuality by using the same stores everyone else are using. There are a lot of lesser known online stores like Coco Fashion that can lend a lot more unique style to your look without costing you as much as the big fashion houses would. When it comes to accessories, then using hand-crafted stores online, such as artcra, can ensure you pick out a statement piece that you’re not going to see on fifty other girls during your travels.
Be an opportunist
Of course, that’s not to say that there are no reasons to shop at the bigger stores or the names you love. Sometimes, there really are pieces that you just absolutely need your hands on. However, in those cases, it pays to be patient. Be an opportunist, keeping your eyes peeled for the legions of coupons and vouchers you can find online. Here, you can even get started if you use this Charming Charlie coupon code. You should get used to hanging around the clearance sections of your favorite stores, as well. If you can get in shortly after opening time, that’s when you’re going to have the chance to pick out from the widest variety.
Go second-hand
Some ladies consider this a taboo. They need to get over themselves, however. There are loads of items in second-hand stores that would stop you dead in your tracks otherwise. Certainly, sometimes the clothes you find in the second-hand store might need a little bit of love and care. A lot of the time, you will find they might be a bit bigger than you would like. However, that doesn’t rule them out, entirely. Get out the sewing kit and a few modifications later, you could have just the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. Of course, you need to be careful when shopping second hand, as well. The label might not be super important to you, but if it’s a fake, it’s going to be easily spotted and quite an embarrassment.
One point to go with the rest is to learn when you let go of stuff you don’t need anymore. You could be sitting on unworn outfits that could help contribute to the fashion fund if you just give up on them and realize you probably won’t wear them after all.

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