Bellast Finest - Fashion Jewelry Brand

7:42 pm Miss JHENZ 11 Comments

I was so amazed when I got the jewelries from "Bellast at finest" is the thing that comes out to my mouth when I saw the luxurious mien of each fashion jewelry pieces.

This FASHION COPPER TASSEL STUD EARRINGS WITH 925 STERLING SILVER PLATED is my favorite and I must admit, I fell in love with this jewelry the first time I opened the parcel sent to me. Elegance and artistry.

FASHION COPPER ZIRCON ROSE STUD EARRINGS WITH 925 STERLING SILVER PLATED WHITE represents simplicity and femininity for me. With its rose stud design, no girl will resist to have this.

925 STERLING SILVER PLATED COPPER AIRPLANE CIRCLE CHAIN NECKLACE WITH ZIRCON STUDDED I guess this necklace just ideally blended with my black blouse.

925 STERLING SILVER PLATED COPPER NET FASHION BAND RING fits well on my polka-dots long sleeved top 

TRI-COLOR 3-ROW 925 STERLING SILVER PLATED COPPER TWIST FASHION RING oh! Thank you Bellast for sending me all these finest jewelries ever!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! look beautiful!

  2. Love all the pieces. My favorite? The first pair of earrings; very fun!

    1. Same here Sofia! Very fab earrings it is :)

  3. Nice earrings, necklaces and rings. They all fit you perfectly.

  4. All this jewlery is very beautiful. My favorite is the bracelets, they look so tasteful.

  5. I love all the jewelry. So pretty.

  6. These jewelleries look amazing on you, really pretty and stylish.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady

  7. I just ordered 3 of their products lately. I can't wait to receive them. Yours are very lovely.