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Birthday Wishlist to shop at Clothingloves

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It's October 15, 2012. Just two more days and it's my special day! :)
I made a wishlist of Special Occasion Dresses and Wholesale Womens Clothing I wish to have from for my birthday :) is one my favorite online shop for so many reason and one of those is that - is your one stop source for first-quality products at rock-bottom prices. is a leading supplier of Wedding Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Men's Clothing, Intimate Lingerie etc. Customers choose because of their fast delivery, professional service and quality products. They have wide range of selections. Very fair pricing. Friendly customer service (which I strongly agree!) and respects your privacy.

So here's my list!

JACKET - I don't know why but I really love wearing jackets (of course not in a sunny weather) I feel comfortable and nothing can stop me to do things I want outdoor. I know I love pink but funny thing I don't own any PINK colored jacket hahaha! I mostly have red, black and white. Why was that? Hmm. Maybe my first pink jacket will be coming from Clothingloves ^^.

This Rose Women Cotton Stretch Sports Top with Pants from Clothingloves is very chic in look and I am pretty sure very comfie to wear.

VEST - When I work at Citibank as a telesales representative way back 2008 (I was 19 years old then), I used to experiment with my out fit for the day and my style mostly is layering (well it's my technique just in case I forgot to bring my jacket because when I make my first step in our office I feel like I'm on an artic zone lol )

This Beige Cotton Vest Round Neck Top really caught my attention. Like a rock chic! Please be mine.

JEANS and SHORTS - This is my so called "on the go outfits" hehe! You can just brag it from your closet then holla! Ramp across the crossroads.

BRACELETS - If you are a loyal reader of my blog you can strongly agree that I uber LOVE fashion accessories and bracelets would be my number ONE. Below are the types of bracelets I don't have, would appreciate much if you will send those to me on my birthday ^_^

So that's it! Do you have same picks as mine? :)

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  1. Beige Cotton Vest Round Neck Top, short and the pink bracelet matches well..nice pick you have soo pink! =)

  2. I love ClothingLoves.I like all that you picked it's so girly! :)


  4. i love your birthday wishlist....the jacket is so cute