Getting Ready for the Office Party at Your Desk

Office Christmas parties are happening all over the country from the start of December right through until January. The office party is an excellent chance to celebrate the successes of the year, let go of the failures and get to know the people you work with a little better. It’s a rare chance to let your hair down and have a great time with the people you spend large parts of your life with.

If you are lucky enough to have the day of the party off, or even to get an early finish, it’s fantastic. You can spend hours preparing, keen as you are to show your workmates who you really are and how fabulous you look when you aren’t in work clothes. But, what about the rest of us? A huge portion of people attending office Christmas parties find themselves in the shocking situation of having to attend straight from work. This means they have to get ready at their desks with just a trip to the toilets to offer privacy.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly possible to arrive at your office party gorgeous, dressed to impress and raring to go, even if you end up doing your makeup at your desk. Here’s how.

A Festival Shower
The first thing you want before a night out when you’ve been at work all day is a shower. Even if you work in a nice clean environment, it can help to wake you up after a long day. If your work building has showers, awesome, just take a towel and some soap. But, most don’t. In this case, you’ll need some baby wipes to wash the essential areas, and some baby powder so you can make sure you’re dry and fresh before dressing.

A Mirror
You are probably well practiced in doing your makeup anywhere you can. Most of us are. But, one thing office buildings can lack is a good mirror. If you’ve got a small mirror you can fit into your bag, take it with you.


If you are in a hurry to get ready, you might not have time to complete your usual night out makeup routine. So, prepare. Use a primer in the morning, to help your makeup last all day. But, keep your daytime look simple. Stick to a long-lasting foundation, so that you don’t need to reapply and just a touch of mascara and lip gloss.

That way, when it comes to getting ready, you’ve already got a base to work with, but nothing needs removing. Go for smoky eyes, a fresh lick of mascara, a sweep of blush and a bright lipstick for a look that takes 5 minutes but looks sexy and sophisticated.

You may not get a chance to brush your teeth, but a mint can help you feel fresh and clean. Just make sure there’s nothing stuck it between your teeth too.


Hair can be the biggest worry when it comes to getting ready in a hurry, without all of your usual products and supplies. But, it doesn’t have to be. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, easily adding volume and making your hair look freshly washed. You can even use a root concealer if you didn’t have time to head to the salon.

When it comes to style, you need to think about it before you leave for work that morning. Updos are perhaps your best option. If you’ve had your hair in a ponytail all day, you won’t be able to achieve sleek and straight without the help of straighteners; you can, however, create a stylish updo with just a few bobby pins and some dry shampoo for added volume.

Braids can be another excellent option. Either braid in the morning to create gorgeous tousled waves for your evening look. Or, turn a smart Dutch braid into a fun crown braid for a party

Day to Night Outfits
If you can take a clean outfit to work, and have somewhere safe to hang it all day and time to change, go for it. If you haven’t, you’ll need the perfect day to night outfit. Think a plain dress, that can easily be glammed up by removing the opaque tights and adding some sparkly accessories and a glamorous clutch.

Even if you don’t have a chance to change, it’s amazing how much fresher you can feel with just a change of underwear. You will have to conceal them in your bag all day, but it’s worth it to feel clean and fresh when you head to the party.

Dating: Now and Then

We are all living decades longer than we once did. As our technology gets a little older, a stunning quantity folks are setting on our dancing shoes and getting lower back inside the senior dating game. Many midlife senior dating sites daters have had years far from dating - but that shouldn’t be a reason not to try. Online courting can be a danger to reassess your values and the things you experience, and to discover a person unique who can share them with you. Because irrespective of how old you get, one aspect about human nature by no means adjustments: no person likes feeling lonely. With regards to Yorkshire singles senior courting, are the chances towards us? Which could most effective be an excellent thing? Merseyside dating is about getting out there and assembly humans, no longer staying glued to a display. Use on-line relationship as a primary step to set up a date, then go out there and experience their agency. It’s far critical to have obstacles and to no longer monitor extra or do greater than you're absolutely relaxed with. With that in mind, establishing up and studying a person does take a certain amount of endurance.

The opposite lovely factor of West Midlands dating site courting for young people is how tons appears count.  Attempt not to set too many conditions on a new courting and be open-minded about what you would possibly consider the “ideal” man or ideal relationship. Now, not each person is looking for love & marriage. Verify every new associate as a character, and live keenly linked with how you enjoy yourself whilst in his or her presence. You need someone with whom you can reveal your true self, now not simply a piece of you and you are the best one who can deliver that full you to the table.  All the Millennial obtainable are shaking their heads, questioning why on the planet each person would love to speak at the phone while they can on the spot message as an alternative. For something a little out of the everyday, why no longer take your date for a wild journey around Knowsley Safari Park or captain the waves on a ferry throughout the Mersey.

More youthful singles are much more likely to buddy their date on facebook, communicate by textual content after a date, and be evasive approximately their availability if they're not interested in a second date. While older singles are more careful when it comes to relationship within the virtual generation. In this virtual era, there are loads of approaches to observe up on a date. Those guidelines seem to provide a recipe for locating commitment and authentic romantic partnership, but what they perpetually deliver is lopsided loving. Old-college Rule: never, ever make the first circulate.

Take Your Soul To The Discovery Of The Most Magical American Landscapes

It can be odd to imagine the appeal that Northern America has had on millions of people in the past centuries. The American dream was a dream of success, prosperity, new start in life, and more importantly new horizons. And that’s precisely these horizons that converted tired and motivated immigrants to the very concept of the American dream. While you don’t need to jump on the next boat to cross the ocean and start a new life in the US, you can still discover the magic of the infinite landscapes that the first American pioneers and many more later have fallen in love with. How did the USA become at one point in its history the modern promised land? Maybe that’s a question that you can answer easily by booking your flight and letting the natural beauty of some of the American sites take you to a new dimension. What are those landscapes that make your soul travel further than ever before?

Experience a transcendental landscape
Everyone has once seen a river at the bottom of a gorge. But that’s nothing compared to the transcendental beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Not only does it make you feel tiny in the universe, but you can also experience a sense of order and unity that goes well beyond the human power. There’s a form of spiritual presence in the Grand Canyon, at least that’s what the native Indians used to say. It only takes a rafting trip on its waters to understand what they meant. The wind in your face, the infinite rocks at your side and the spectacular changing landscape as you navigate your way through. It’s hard to believe that Mother Nature could have built such wonders!

Discover the surreal southern adventures of Texas
People travel,n fall in love with new places and stay. That’s probably what describes best the melting pot population and culture in the USA. But no state can portray it as well as Texas that combines country music, stargazing landscapes, lavender fields, kayak adventures, and even the excitement of picking up Topaz gems off the ground. You can choose to sleep in a beautiful German garden to wake up to the smell of rosemary, or you can decide on something more convenient with the Woodland Inn in Humble. It’s this surreal mixture of natural landscapes and man-made structures that gives a new meaning to open-mindedness.  

Go camping by the most beautiful lake in the US
The Lake Tahoe is said to be the most beautiful lake in the country, and it’s easy to understand why when you see its clear waters and its breathtaking surroundings of mountains, forests and beaches. While it’s a mesmerizing site all year round, it’s a place that you want to see in summer especially when you can go camping and wake up to the sound of water. It’s the kind of sight that immigrants discovered centuries ago, and it’s probably the reason why they chose to stay.

Lake Tahoe

Take your soul on a journey you won’t forget and let the most famous American landscapes introduce you to a new side of Mother Nature.

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want A Relaxing Vacation

Booking a vacation is a great way to have something to look forward to; you can spend months daydreaming and imagining what your vacation will be like. Who will you meet? What will you see?

Because you want to make the most of your vacation, it’s natural to plan as many things to do as possible so that you can ‘make the most’ of where you’re visiting. However, this doesn’t always make for the most relaxing vacation. You might just return home feeling like you need another one!

Don’t make these mistakes if you want a relaxing vacation this year:

Trying To Cram Too Much Into Your Itinerary
As mentioned before, it can be tempting to try to fit as much into your itinerary as possible to make the most of this visit, but you shouldn’t. Only include a couple of activities that you really want to do, and leave yourself plenty of breathing room to explore as you see fit. You’ll only regret having to rush from activity to activity and never get to take a moment to experience the place you’re visiting properly.

Booking The Wrong Type Of Accommodation
Your accommodation needs to be suited to your personality and the type of trip you want. Do you want to stay in a hotel full of screaming kids? It may be great if you’re traveling with your family and want to make friends, but not if you want more privacy. Don’t forget that you have plenty of options, from condo rentals to beach huts. It all depends on where you’re going and who with, so think about it carefully and look up reviews on impartial sites before making your decision.

Packing Way Too Much
Lugging a big heavy case around with you is going to cause you stress, period. There are ways you can attempt minimalist packing wherever you may be going, if you’re smart. Keep things to a minimum and be vigilant. Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes? Realistically, you could probably get away with two, or even one depending on what your plans are! Anything you don’t take you will usually be able to purchase, so don’t stress.

Stressing When Things Don’t Go Your Way
You can’t control everything, so there’s no point stressing if things don’t go your way. Assume that something even better will come up for you, and just enjoy the moment. Learning to go with the flow is a valuable skill.

Having Too High Expectations
While it’s great to daydream about your upcoming vacation, setting your expectations too high could mean you leave feeling disappointed. Make sure you’re realistic about your expectations and take each day as it comes.

Staying Stuck To A Screen

Tip: for a great vacation, leave the screens in your hotel, condo, or wherever you are staying. Smartphones can be helpful if you’re lost or you need a place to eat, but failing to look up from the screen will mean missing your vacation completely. Take this time to have time away from the online world, and you’ll return home feeling refreshed.

How To Celebrate You This Holiday Season

At this time of year, we all tend to focus on the ways we can shower our loved ones with gifts. And it can always start early. So much so, that you may even have gotten all of your gifts picked, wrapped, and put away! However, as much as you might be used to placing all of your attention on others, you may also want to try and think about yourself. Because with the holiday season pretty much in full swing and the New Year’s celebrations only around the corner, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate yourself? It’s been a long year, and you deserve it. So, let’s take a look at how you can focus on celebrating more of you this festive season!

Take Some Time Off
First of all, you’re going to want to realize that this is the festive season. So it’s the one time of year that you’re pretty much entitled to slack off a little bit. You’ve worked so hard all year long, not only at work itself, but around the house too. So now, it’s your time to kick back a bit. Take some time off of work, relax a little with your chores, and just slow down from all angles. You need to allow yourself to have some fun and recharge your batteries ready to get back to it in January.

Indulge In All Your Favorites
Next up, you should let yourself indulge a little. If you’ve spent the best part of a year on a diet, or at least being conscious about what you eat, now’s the time to get a bit lax with that. The holiday season always comes with some incredible kinds of foods - and it’s a shame not to let yourself enjoy them. So indulge in all of your favorites and work on some yummy holiday recipes that all of your loved ones will enjoy.

Treat Yourself To Something Special
You’ve been so busy buying gifts for all of your loved ones, that you’re now going to want to treat yourself to something special too. Because you deserve to be spoiled just as much as they do. You should head on down to the jewelry store and pick something out. Because nothing really says Christmas celebration like something shiny and sparkly.

Take A Trip
Or maybe you’d like to get away. If you’re one that just can’t stop if you’re at home, then you may need to actually get away. And over New Years could be the perfect time for it. It’s always nice to get away at this time of year and actually make use of the time you have off.

Be Thankful
And finally, you’re definitely going to want to look back on this last year and be thankful. Even if it’s been a tough year, you can always celebrate how you have gotten through it. Besides, the new year is in sight, so you’re going to want to cheers to what the next twelve months can bring you too.

2018 Is The Year Of Your Personal Achievements

Personal achievement is something we all must fight with on a daily basis. Defining our goals is easy. We all know deep down exactly what we want, and how we might start going about it. The process of getting there can seem daunting, yes, but we know in our heart of hearts that the effort will be supremely worth it. Despite this however, many of us ignore the call of our hearts and instead focus on indulgent practices. It usually starts falling after the first few months of the year, when our new year's resolutions have given way to simply settling into our schedule.

We’d suggest that 2018 will become the year of your personal achievements. Framing the year in this way will help you take what remains of December, and plan for it accordingly. We’d like to offer you some awesome tips to getting into this right frame of mind, and becoming more inspired as the new year rolls around. For those who struggle to keep their personal goals close to mind, this article could help you immensely. Feel free to use the advice given here and tailor it to your needs.

Once you have clearly defined your goals, financially investing in them can add that extra personal incentive to take stick to them. For example, if you hope to become fit and healthy in the gym this near year, investing in more quality gym equipment and clothing can help you start the new year off with a bang, looking and feeling stylish as you throw those weights down like a gladiator. If you’re interested in learning an instrument, why not purchase a beautiful nylon or steel string guitar and pre-book appointments with a guitar teacher?

If you’re interested in finally achieving your driving license, why not purchase a block of lessons, the first of which to be completed on January 1st? Investing in your goals helps you stick to them yes, but it also helps you get a headstart on your hobby, and experience something new as soon as the next year rolls around. If you’re used to neglecting your personal development because your schedule is too comfortable, this can help expose you to new and exciting experiences. Consider the whole process an adventure, backed with your financial resourcefulness.

Now could be the time to establish how you’ll reward yourself if you achieve your goals. This could prove a nice incentive to get the ball rolling, and to keep on track even when you’d rather do anything but. For example, if you’re hoping to get great grades on your college assessment, planning a trip away with your friends to a festival, only to be attended if you achieve a B or above can help you work hard and diligently on your aims. After all, celebrating and rewards are much better when we know we’ve earned them. Establish four things that you really want, that you can’t live without. Now, gate them behind realistic and timely goals you can complete. This way, the entire process of your life is directed to your goals and earning them, as opposed to rewarding yourself now and then struggling to motivate yourself to work as a side habit.

Head For Achievements You Desire
Think about it. If you’re struggling in the direction of an achievement you dislike, you might be doing it wrong. Wanting to weight lift 300lbs on the bench press might be a common drive for some, but it might not be the right one for you, so why are you worrying about it? If you notice that your gym habits in the pursuit of exercise aren’t doing it for you, then switch up the exercise you do. Try running, entering a sport with your local team, or even dancing. Whatever helps you feel good when doing it is something you’ll likely contribute to without much extra effort.

Simply because you’ve practised martial arts since you were a child doesn’t mean you need to struggle at it as an adult. Find your love and passion, and run towards it. Your life will become much more suitable for you if you do this. Life is too short to worry about things you’re not interested in.

Have Singular Focus
The truth is it’s difficult to achieve a goal if you find it hard to focus. For that reason, improving the environment of your mind will help you to no end. It could be that people in your social group aren’t willing to support you and help you head in the direction you truly want to be going. Consider how these friends contribute to your life. If they hamper your progress, you are under no obligation to hang with them. You could make new friends in a pursuit you truly love, and these people are much more likely to be heartfelt and of a similar mindset.

It’s also important to optimize your daily health considerations to help you pursue your goals with added success. For example, getting enough sleep, exercising well, dieting sensibly and meditating helps you with mental clarity, and you can appaly that to all aspects of your goal orientation. Lessening your stress by working in quiet environments, or simply asking for advice this year could help your school work increase dramatically.

A Day At A Time
The truth is, you only ever need to work on your goals a day at a time. You will never need to do more than this. The beauty of us needing sleep is that the next day we come back refreshed and able. Make your days as perfect as they can be, and before you know it your entire life becomes more structured. A great wall is not built in one go. Instead, you must lay a brick as perfectly as you can, and soon the wall is built. This focus helps you give your best to the short term, and then the long term will truly take care of itself.
With these tips, you’ll be sure to make 2018 the best year of your life. Who knows what 2019 could look like if you succeed? Good luck!

Making the Best of Your Baltimore Vacation

Baltimore, Maryland is known for a lot of things from it's delicious steamed crabs, to the fact that is is the biggest city in the whole of Maryland, with no less than 225 separate neighborhoods to explore. It’s also a beautiful part of the country that is often unfairly overlooked by travelers.

If you aren’t one of those people who’ve overlooked the city, here are some tips to help you make the best of your Baltimore Vacation:

Stay at TownePlace Suites Marriott
If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s affordable, comfy and close to the action,  TownePlace Suites Baltimore BWI Airport is a great place to stay. Not only is it affordable and very close to the hustle and bustle of the city center, but the crab cakes are to die for. If you don’t try them, you’re seriously robbing yourself of a great culinary experience!

Visit the Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum has existed in the the city of Baltimore, on North Charles Street, since 1934. It is also one of the biggest attractions in the area, thanks to the huge collection of art that was carefully collected and curated by William and Henry Walters over the years. Whether you're interested in Egyptian, Greek or Asian art, you won’t be disappointed by the paintings, sculptures and objet d’art on display.

Eat Steamed Crab at Al’s Seafood
Al’s seafood might not be the classiest place, but it is home to some of the finest steamed crab you’ll ever eat in your life and considering you’ll be spending some time in Baltimore, that really is something! Not only is Al’s a great place to eat, but it’s also got a rustic charm that shows you what Maryland is all about - you won’t want to miss it.

Take a Trip to Maryland Zoo

Maryland Zoo is an amazing place. It’s home to so many different species of exotic, beautiful and majestic creatures, including lions, elephants, chimps and the Panamanian golden frog - which is currently on the endangered list - that you can’t fail to be impressed by its offerings or to fall in love with the creatures who call Baltimore their home.

Drink a Natty Boh
You simply cannot travel to Baltimore without sampling a National Bohemian beer or two at one of the local bars. Despite the fact this Baltimore original hasn’t been made in the city for a while now, it is still something Baltonian’s are very proud of, and it has to be saif, it’s a fine tasting beer.

Stop by the National Aquarium

You simply cannot go to Baltimore without checking out the National Aquarium, which was opened in the early 80s and which has since then been home to some of the most amazing underwater creatures in existence. In fact, there are currently 760 species and 17,000 actual creatures residing within this Baltimore Behemoth.

If you add all of this stuff to your Baltimore itinerary, then whatever else you decide to do while you’re there, I can guarantee that you’ll have a fabulous, fun-filled time.