Top 3 Beverages from that Will Never Miss the Christmas Table

It’s Christmas Season! You know what that means. It’s time for early Christmas Carols, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs, and the best part, Christmas food!

            Filipinos are known for celebrating Christmas and New Year with lots and lots of food, drinks, and people, which all, put the merry in ‘Merry Christmas!’. Now, we’ll show you the 3 beverages you can always find on every Filipino Christmas table.

1) Hot Chocolate  

            Although the Philippines is a tropical country, we always have Hot Cocoa whenever it’s this time of the year. Perhaps it’s because we are so used to the high temperatures that whenever it drops to 20—something degrees, we feel the cold breeze. But no matter what the reason is, hot chocolate will always be part of our Christmas childhood, especially Swiss Miss hot cocoa with marshmallows. Admit it, we can’t resist those marshmallow bits! (Swiss Miss Marshmallow flavor Hot Cocoa Mix retails for Php 118.00)

2) Coffee

            Okay, so it’s not really a seasonal thing, but coffee is perfect for any day, especially during Christmas. It’s perfect for drinking whenever you are catching up with relatives—cousins, aunts, uncles, and even family friends, bonding with family, and just having deep conversations with your loved ones. We have all had our share of coffee cups and we all have to admit that it makes bonding time with loved ones sweeter. So savor every sweet moment with Nescafe Dolce Gusto, and have a sweeter Christmas. (Nescafee Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Capsule retails for Php 422.00)

3) Peppermint Tea

            What screams Christmas more than Peppermint? It’s that time of the year when anything peppermint will make its rise and make your Christmas cooler and cozier. Peppermint tea is perfect for after Christmas dinner (because you know how Filipino Noche Buenas are) to lessen the bloating feeling after that scrumptious Christmas dinner. Share it with family, or maybe have dessert with it. Either way you prefer, it will make your Christmas more delicious. (Twinings Peppermint Tea box of 25 retails for Php 295.00)

            Make part of your Christmas and order these traditional beverages without having to wait in long lines at the grocery. It’s convenient and you’ll be doing it from the comfort of your home.

It's Time To Get Your Groove Back!

Woman in Gray Plunging-neckline Sleeveless Top

Confidence is a strange thing. It's a small word with a heck of a lot of baggage. It's the kind of thing that many people wish that they had but assume that they're never going to be in a position to get it. It can sometimes seem as though confidence is just something that some people are born with and some people are born without. However, that's simply not the case. The reality is that confidence, like just about anything else in life, can be learned. In fact, a lot of people can end up losing confidence they once had. Which means that it's also entirely impossible to get that confidence back again. Of course, it's not always easy to do that. Here are a few simple ways that you can teach yourself to be confident again!

Walk tall
Posture can have a pretty remarkable impact on your confidence levels. That might sound kind of ridiculous, but it really is true. If you spend all of your time hunched over trying to make yourself look as small as possible, then you're always going to want to hide away. However, if you stand up straight and tall then you're going to find that people respond to you differently which can do wonders for your confidence. The next time you're walking down the street, put some music in your headphones and walk tall like you're the star of your own private music video!

Look younger
One of the things that can cause a lot of women to lack confidence is the feeling that they're too old to be cool or fashionable in any way. This is totally ridiculous. After all, beauty and cool have no age limit! However, the world certainly does treat you differently as you get older. So why not make yourself look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside? Whether it's through anti-ageing products like Jeunesse's amazing Instantly Ageless or simply through keeping up with the latest fashion trends, embracing a youthful look can make a huge difference to how you feel on a day to day basis. Of course, if you don't want to do that, embracing your age and just owning it is also a great way to build up your confidence.

Fake it!
Here's the truth, pretty much everyone feels insecure and lacking in confidence from time to time. When you see other people strutting their stuff without a care in the world, there's a good chance that they're actually feeling just as insecure as you. The truth is that faking confidence not only helps project a certain image to the world, but after a while, you'll get so good at it that it will stop being fake and the confidence you project will start to reflect how you actually feel inside.

Remember that confidence isn't some completely static thing. You might feel incredibly confident one day, and then the next your insecurities might get the better of you. That's completely okay; not everyone needs to be one top of their game every single day. You just need to remember that just because you're not confident on one day, doesn't mean that you've lost it for good!

Insecurity; The Third Wheel You Don't Want In Your Relationship

We all have an insecurity or two rattling around in our minds. For some of us, these are issues we don’t think much about. Perhaps you don’t like the shape of your nose or the sound of your voice. But, unless you’re confronted by these things, you’re able to ignore them. Or, perhaps you hate your forehead so much that you can't even look in the mirror.

Insecurities like these can ruin various aspects of our lives. They can trash our belief in ourselves and in others. Left to run riot, they can even ruin our romantic relationships. The trouble being, of course, that we often unload our insecure baggage onto those closest to us. To a certain extent, any partner should understand and comfort you when you’re doubting. But, even the most understanding relationships can run into rocky waters when certain insecurities rear their heads. If you let these critters into your love life, they’ll soon become the third wheel which puts you off-balance. To help you avoid them, we’re going to look at the insecurities you should never let in.

Body issues
To a certain extent, we all have body issues. It’s unsurprising when you consider that we live in a world where liking how you look is seen as arrogance. Instead, we’re supposed to pick ourselves apart until we’re bleeding. It doesn’t matter what part of yourself you don’t like; society just dictates that it has to be something.

Yet, body issues can become damaging in a relationship if you let them get in the way of intimacy. Perhaps you make your partner turn off the light before you get naked in front of them. Or, maybe you insist on wearing heavy layers of makeup around them because you wake up thinking ‘Why is my face so dry?’ each morning. You may even insist on wearing your makeup to bed and exacerbating the issue. While reasonably common worries, these problems, and others, can cause real barriers to intimacy. Your partner may start to feel that you don’t trust them to see the actual you. Of course, it isn’t always easy to overcome insecurity like this because they’re so ingrained. But, try talking things through with your partner. Together, you may be able to work past the issue.

Of course, we couldn’t talk relationships and insecurity without mentioning jealousy. This is the most regular killer of relationship potential, but again, it’s an insecurity many of us face. It may be that you’ve been cheated on before, or that your lack of self-worth is causing you to doubt the other person. Either way, this insecurity can have dire consequences. If you aren’t careful, you’ll push your partner away by trying to hold them too tight. Love will suffocate if you don’t give it breathing space.

If you feel yourself falling into the jealousy trap, take a step backwards. Consider the situation in a pragmatic way, and take yourself out of the equation. Think about whether your partner has done anything to make you doubt them. If yes, you should talk to them about it. If no, accept that the insecurity is yours and that you need to overcome it if you want to keep your love on the right track. Whatever you do, don’t suffocate the relationship. There’s no coming back if you get to a place where you can’t accept them going out without you.

Lack of self-confidence
Last, but by no means least; be careful regarding any lack of self-confidence. Feeling uncertain in social situations is relatively normal. More people than you realize probably feel the same. But, never let this lack of confidence into your relationship. Sure, you may want to grip your man’s arm and make him do all the talking. But, leaning on someone as an emotional crutch like this isn’t healthy. It puts a strain on your relationship, and it shows you in an unflattering light. It’s hardly what romantic dreams are made of.

Instead, you need to find ways to feel better about yourself when those moments of self-doubt come along. Develop coping mechanisms, like breathing exercises, which help you face your fears. Practice putting yourself out there, even when your partner isn’t there. And, realize that, just because they’re there to support you, doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the effort. You’ll harm your relationship, and yourself, by doing this. After all, if you come to rely on them for everything, how will you cope when they aren’t around?

Find Your Nemo In The Dating Sea By Tackling These Three Personal Problems

Nobody loves the idea of singledom. Some women embrace it, and good for them. But, there will always be a part of them that wonders if the right man is out there. It’s human nature to seek companionship. Even if we do well on our own, it’d be nice to think we have a matching fish somewhere in this see.

Yet, after a series of broken relationship and date night blunders, even optimists may start to doubt the possibility of love. Every man you do date ends up hurting or hating you. It’s not exactly good for the confidence levels, ladies. Yet, we’ve all been there are some stage.

In truth, you may be struggling because you aren’t ready to find Nemo. When you’re ready for a man, he’ll come along of his own accord. Instead of tumbling into more failures, take some time out for you. Then, prepare for your next relationship by following these pointers.

Find inner peace
Be honest; how many of your past relationships ended in a blaze of rage? As much as you might like to blame the other party, the chances are that you gave as good as you got in those arguments. Sometimes, we fail to see how much our inner turbulence impacts our relationships. But, trust us; you weren’t actually THAT angry he forgot the milk. You were just venting your internal cacophony.

To ensure the same doesn’t happen again, focus on finding inner peace. You can do this in a variety of ways. The readers among you might want to turn to self help books, like those mentioned on Self Development Secrets. If reading isn’t your thing, try a meditation practice instead. Once you reach a sense of calm, you’ll be much better able to handle a big relationship and the issues that come with it.

Accept your own company
No one likes to admit they’re needy. But, we’ve all relied on partners at some point. Have you ever felt lost when a partner went out without you? Intense feelings of jealousy and abandonment can cause us to lash out at a partner who’s done nothing wrong. Make sure it doesn’t happen again by coming to terms with your own company. You need to be okay with who you are, and even enjoy time alone. That way, you’ll come to embrace those evenings when your partner’s seeing their friends. Desperation never looks good in love, after all. Living on your own can be fantastic practice for this, as can taking up private hobbies like knitting.

Wait for the right man

Many of us also make the mistake of jumping into relationships with the wrong men. When you’ve been alone for a while, the idea of company can convince you it’s love. But, things soon fall apart when you admit that they aren’t right for you. It’s hurtful to everyone. Instead, wait until the right person comes along. Take relationships slowly, and only commit once you’re sure that person is for you.

South Carolina, Here We Come!


If you fancy a trip to one of the US’s many amazing destinations, you might not have instantly thought about South Carolina. Sure, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles might have been the first destinations you thought about. But why not try and get away from all the usual crowds of tourists? You can certainly escape all the crowds in South Carolina!

So, ready to head south for your next vacation? Here are some really awesome reasons why you should head to South Carolina.

One of the most famous cities in South Carolina has to be Charleston. This buzzy city is known for its amazing food scene, brilliant music, and beautiful coastline. When you touch down in Charleston, it’s a good idea to book a walking tour. Your tour guide will take you through the streets of the city to some truly beautiful mansions and residences. Enjoy relaxing on the beach? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that you can do just that at the very scenic Folly Beach.

Book a few nights’ stay at the Crowne Plaza Greenville South Carolina so that you can explore the beautiful town of Greenville. You’ll find the Greenville County Museum of Art which features lots of great works by local artists. When you have got your art fix, you can always hit the restaurants to see what the town’s culinary scene has to offer. Once you’re full, you can head to Greenville Zoo to come face to face with some of its exotic residents.

Myrtle Beach
If you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend on your vacation in South Carolina, it’s very much worth stopping off at Myrtle Beach for a few nights. This is an upmarket seaside resort that is bursting with attractions and activity. Of course, you can laze on the sandy beaches if you simply want to relax, but there are also plenty of nightclubs, theater shows, and live music venues for those who want a bit more life in their travels. If you love a bit of golf, there are also a couple of well-maintained golf courses to chose from.

Hilton Head Island
If you want a very relaxing vacation, then head no further than Hilton Head Island. This island may be fairly small, but it offers an impressive twelve beaches! There are also 24 golf courses that you can practice your swing at as well. But the island isn’t all about lounging on the beach and chilling out - there are also lots of opportunities to try your hand at some adventure sports. Horse riding is also popular, and you will also find a few different tennis courts on which you can practice your serve.

So, as you can see, there is a lot on offer in the state of South Carolina! And these are just four locations that you might want to visit - if you do your research, I’m sure that you will find some more that tickle your fancy.

Have a great time on the road to South Carolina!

Dazzle In Your Own Way: These Tips Will Help

There comes a time in our lives when we can all feel a little “meh” about the way we look and the way we feel. It can be something that either passes us by without much care and attention to it, or it can seriously get us down. How you react to this current mood setting is normal, and taking action to feel like your best self once more is one of the better things you can do with those feelings. However, where to start and what to do? I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can dazzle once more, and they are simple changes and habits that we all know but it’s always good to have a gentle reminder every now and then. I hope it gives you a little inspiration to get yourself out of the mood you are feeling.

Work on your mindset
Mindset plays a huge part when it comes to how you feel and thinking negatively can only fuel those feelings to make them into something more than what they actually are. Try and focus on a positive mindset and think about how you are thinking and what your thoughts are. Turn negatives into positives and start to have a brighter outlook and life and the future. Feel grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don't. The small changes can make a big difference.


Don’t be afraid to just smile
Smile and the world smiles with you, right? However, feeling like this can often make us want to do anything but smile. This might be for a number of reasons, perhaps you aren’t happy with how your teeth look when you smile so you avoid it entirely. But smiling can instantly lift your mood so if you are finding it hard it is time to take some action. You could look into getting them straightened with companies like Smilelign, get them whitened so they appear brighter, or simply visit the dentist so that you can start to feel confident in your dental health. Smiling can really transform how you think so works well with your mindset wellbeing.

What could you do to take better care of yourself?
Finally, it’s time to take some positive steps to taking better care of yourself and the first place to start would be what you are fueling your body with. A diet of junk and sugar will give you plenty of highs but even harder lows when you come down from the sugar rush. Try and focus on a well-balanced diet and eating plenty of vegetables and fruit. This will have a positive effect on your skin and your energy levels. You may also want to think about drinking more water as the benefits to this are just endless from better sleep to more energy, not to mention how great it is for your skin condition. Lastly, you may want to look at being more active. It’s proven that exercise can help you feel better, even if the motivation isn’t quite their initially. If you want, just start by taking a walk each day.

I hope that these tips help you dazzle once more.

5 Things You Should Commit To For Better Health Levels

Feeling unhealthy is never a good thing. Sometimes, you just get fed up with feeling low, not having enough energy, and generally being down in the dumps. As much as it might seem like a lot of work and effort to ‘get fit’, it’s actually so much harder to live with feeling unhealthy. So, instead of making excuses for yourself, if you really are tired of feeling like that, you’re going to want to commit to making a change. In fact, even though it feels hard to make a commitment, there are five things that you’re going to want to do if you want to improve your health levels. So let’s take a look at what they are.

Getting Enough Sleep
Up first is the idea of getting enough sleep. And yes, this really is easing you in gently. Because who doesn’t want a lot more sleep in their life? Whether you find that you just need to be able to sleep a lot better for energy, or you want to feel more motivated in the mornings, you should commit to a better sleeping schedule. Because when you have set bedtimes and waking times, your body will be able to sleep better. And with a good quality of sleep, you will have more energy too!

Staying Fit
Then, we’re going to jump on into the deep end and work on those fitness levels of yours. Because you can’t think about being healthier without working in some exercise. Whether you do like to exercise or not, what you’re going to need to do is focus on coming up with an exercise regime that you can commit to. Because they key with exercise is consistency. If you’re able to be consistent with your workouts, they’re going to be much more effective, and you’ll feel better for it too.

Eating Well
From here, you’re also going to want to work on the food you eat too. Because we’re all guilty of being a bit too indulgent from time to time. So if you want to think about improving yours, then you’re going to need eat well. By focusing on adding whole grains and lean meats with lots of vegetables into your diet, not only will you have more energy but your body will feel a lot better too.

Next, there’s also a good old-fashioned cleanse to think about. Now this is another favorable point to commit to, because it's something that you don’t have to do all of the time, but just every now and then. You may also find that something like this article about How To Use Detox Tea To Reach Your Body Goals can help you. You can use the ideas to keep yourself on track with your health commitments.

Staying Stress-Free

And finally, to finish off with a nice kind of commitment, you’re also going to want to work on staying stress-free. Because stress can be so hard on your health levels. If you want to feel better in yourself, relax a little. It’s something we all need to do if we want to stay happy and healthy.