5 Super Simple Steps To Get Luscious Lips This Summer

The secrets to luscious lips are simple. It just takes a little bit of effort every day and attention to your overall health. Soon your lips will match your stunning summer wardrobe. A few key products and techniques are all you need and it does not have to cost a fortune.

Step 1: Exfoliate with a soft brush

Exfoliation is vital to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities. All you need is a good baby brush or any brush that has very soft bristles. Brush all over your lips gently for around a minute. A hard brush will damage this delicate area and cause abrasions. Some websites recommend toothpaste as an exfoliant but this is far too drying for the lips.

Step 2: Moisturize

A high-quality lip balm is essential to moisturize your lips. Prevention is better than cure. Don’t let them dry out to begin with. Use a lip balm with a high SPF protection if you are going out in strong sunlight.
Apply lip balm after brushing your teeth in the morning and carry one with you so that you can re-apply during the day. Then apply again before you go to bed. Some lipsticks dry and chap the lips so wear a good lip balm as a base underneath your lipstick.

Step 3: Treat with oil

Around once a week your lips will need a nourishing oil treatment. You can make your own from coconut oil, olive oil, Vitamin E or cocoa butter. Apply it before you go to bed and it will work overnight. When you wake up your lips will be super soft and silky smooth.

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Step 4: Remove pigmentation

This is where DIY treatments are the best but you don’t have to spend hours making fiddly recipes. All you need to do is mix a few drops of lemon juice with few drops of honey. Spread it thinly on your lips and leave it for few minutes before you wash it off. You can combine this stage with exfoliation if you add some granulated sugar to the mixture. It tastes delicious too!

Step 5: Apply a quality lipstick

A high-quality lipstick is the finishing touch to your look. The shade is up to you but all products of Goban Cosmetics are superb. Get lip liner and lipstick of the same shade. Always get a lipstick which stays on your lips and does not rub off when you eat or drink.
First, apply lip balm and allow it to absorb whilst you use a lip liner. Then take a small amount of foundation on your finger tip and apply it to your lips. Next, you can apply a layer of lipstick using a lip brush. Multiple layers are better than one thick layer.

Finally, use a soft tissue to remove the excess lipstick by dabbing carefully. You can always top the look off with lip gloss for that extra shine.

What You'll Need For A Successful Trip Abroad


Traveling for the first time can be a frightening prospect. Not only are you away from your home, where you know how everything works and how to behave, but you have a responsibility to yourself to travel safely, and not spend money in a way that could cut your holiday short. Taking a few moments to assess your travel plans and contingencies will help you travel with ease, and really absorb the location you’re traveling in the way that you’d like to.

The best-laid plans are always subject to change, but in fact making sure you prepare yourself well before you travel will increase your flexibility. Want to continue your travels past their scheduled date? If you have a familiarity with how to book accommodations and transport your luggage, you’ll be fine doing so.

However, every country is different, and to gain access and stay in their territory happily as a tourist, there are some items you should take of before you even step foot outside of your house. These are the 7 most important things you should take care of before venturing on your first holiday alone or without your parents.

As soon as you arrive from your long journey to your intended destination, you’re going to want to rest. If you traveled through multiple time zones, the jet lag effect on your body will also make your body scream out for rest and nourishment. Making sure you book reputable, cost effective and safe accommodation should be one of your first priorities. This is where you are going to lay your head every night, so don’t be afraid to pay a decent price for that. Check out reviews for the area on TripAdvisor or Yelp to help select the most suitable place for you. If you’re backpacking, plan your route of hotels to stay at, and call them to assess their availability or booking requirements.

You’re going to need identification, as well as your insurance cards, your proof of authorized admittance to the country and your passport. It’s also best to carry print-outs of hotel booking forms if you need to prove to the authorities for whatever reason you are who you say you are.

If you’re on a long-distance flight, consider bumping up your class of travel. A long distance flight in economy class can drain you before you even step foot in the country, but it can be done. Make sure that you know where the airport is you’re flying to, and how to navigate from there.

Even if you don’t need a VISA to pass entry into a continent or country, there’s a chance you’ll need to apply to visit. The upcoming European travelinformation & authorisation system legislation will require exactly that. Be sure you’re absolutely certain of what responsibilities you have to complete in order to gain safe passage to your chosen destination.

Make sure you know how much money you’ll need and what the exchange rate will be from your current currency.

This is an opportunity to assess your current health, and plans of how to proceed if you come down with a disease or malady in another country. Knowing you’re insured or have the money to return to your home unexpectedly will help your peace of mind if the worst was to happen.

Despite all of the considerations to take into account, you must remember to have fun! This is your time to expand your horizons and see what this planet has to offer. Go with that attitude, be responsible, and you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Wanna Be Keyboardist

Aiming to show off the great musician in you? Personally I am a self-confess wanna be keyboardist. I want it so bad to own one and learn from it’s basic to different tricks. I found one at Guitar Center has, paistecymbals at a great price! As well. It’s on my bucket list and sure fire, I’ll aim that this year!  

Let's Iron Out Those Wrinkles!

We’re all looking for a quick way to get our wrinkles in check, but I don’t wanna be the person to say this, but if you really want to get rid of your wrinkles for good, you are gonna have to do more than take a couple of supplements. Much like eating healthily isn’t solved by a short-term fix, getting rid of wrinkles and unsightly marks requires a lot of determination, good habits, and, dare I say it, time! I know it’s not what you want to hear when you’ve got a big date next week, and by all means, apply the concealer and get yourself looking as best as you can. But if you're really gonna get your face radiant, you're gonna have to do some of these…

Get Aloe Vera In Your Life!
As part of a great beauty regime, you need to get some essentials as part of your skincare routine. There are so many affordable face masks that you can and should have as part of your night-time routine which will be a great way to keep your skin looking fresh. But as an extra one, you need to start using Aloe Vera. This can be used on your face, but you can also take it orally, and it has been found that those who have taken it in the form of a capsule or just drank some had reduced wrinkles within the space of 90 days! This is because Aloe Vera increases collagen production, which in turn increases collagen support and provides a better structural support for your skin.

On The Topic Of Collagen…
The secret ingredient in reducing wrinkles has been collagen. This can be taken in supplement form, or there is a more organic process of making collagen. If you’re a meat eater, you can make soup stock from the bones of animal carcass. The boiling process brings collagen out of the bones and makes a tasty stock for whatever meals you like. Bone broth has been touted as a superfood and is sold in little cups in hipster stores now, but you can make your own for a fraction of the price! Get the bones, and boil for 8 to 12 hours in a slow cooker with some vegetables and apple cider vinegar, and gradually remove the slimy layer that builds up. Drain it into portions and add to your meals or have it to drink as a handy little hit of warmth in the winter months. It may be something your great-grandmother did, but it’s a very good way to break down those wrinkles for a low cost!

It’s the long game, staying healthy. And reducing the wrinkles in your face is all about being hydrated, making sure your body has enough vitamins and healthy fats. Healthy fats increase the elasticity of your skin, and water keeps it looking bright. The dreaded E-word now, exercise, makes sure toxins are flushed out of your body, and cutting down on toxins from sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes are all part of being healthy, which is what will really cut back on wrinkles and get your face looking young!

Paper Moon Cafe - A Sip Of Mocha Jelly

It was just a usual weekend stroll at the mall when we got tired and a certain stand alone cafe in the middle of this said mall caught our attention, hearsay that Paper Moon Cafe crepe is superb. Since were not hungry at all and not craving for anything, we ought to order  Mocha Jelly for the sake to have a place to sit on while waiting for the movie schedule.

Nowadays, cafe is being popular for students, remote workers, or simply a hangout place. Now why do people choose to work or stay in a cafe?

Well being at home provides exeptional comfort, but, creativity strikes more once you get out the four corners of your room. You feel obligated to work with a side dish of cinnamon roll while sniffing the addicting aroma of brewing coffee! (Can you imagine the satisfying smell?)

How about you? Would you choose working or staying in a cafe or work at the comfort of your room with your pajamas on? *wink

Asian Beauty Trends That I Can't Wait To Arrive In The US

 The beauty industry tries really hard to keep people interested in its latest products. But when you strip away the fancy new packaging, you quickly realize that things haven’t really changed. Despite the change in branding and the addition of a couple of new buzzwords, underneath it’s still just moisturizer or foundation. Little has actually changed.
For many bloggers, this has led to a sense of lethargy with the beauty world. New products are great, but they also have to be inspiring if they’re going to make an impact. If they’re not inspiring, then they’ll just end up filling your bathroom cupboard next to the rest of your unused products.
What the market in the US needs right now is a bit of a kick up the backside. There needs to be a step change in how we think about makeup and the styles that we use. Perhaps the best place for this change to come is from the East which has developed its own beauty trends in parallel with the West. When these trends arrive - if they arrive - it won’t be a moment too soon. 

Water Exfoliators

Water exfoliators are big business in the East. In Japan, for instance, a water exfoliator is sold every twelve seconds. But why are they so popular? It turns out that they are extremely effective at getting rid of all the stuff that you don’t want on the surface of your skin, like dead skin cells and dirt. But at the same time, they’re also super effective at keeping your skin moist and supple, just like you want it. Western exfoliators still rely on chemicals and ingredients that are too harsh for many skin types, and so those with sensitive skin await the arrival of water exfoliators with baited breath. Water exfoliators are particular good for anybody who has skin conditions, like psoriasis or eczema. There are some homemade exfoliator recipes on http://homemadeforelle.com.

Powdered Sunscreen
Sunscreen has become an important part of the beauty regimen of many women. Some experts and researchers estimate that around 80 percent of the damage done to our skin is the result of sun exposure, not aging. In the west, we’ve tried to include sun protection into our routines, carrying around little travel-size spray bottles in our handbags. But putting sunscreen over the top of makeup is usually a recipe for disaster.

In the East, people are concerned about the effects of the sun too. But they’ve come up with an ingenious solution. It’s called compact sunblock, and instead of coming in the form of a spray, it comes in the form of a powder instead. In places like Japan, going to the bathroom to powder your nose also means applying SPF protection, but not in the way that you’d expect!

Reactive Technology Bubble Masks  
Sites like http://sdbotox.com point out that skin can sometimes look less full than you’d like. But a new Asian skin treatment offers a potential solution. It’s called a “bubble mask, ” and it relies on special chemicals that react with the skin to give it extra radiance. The mask itself is made from oils and active ingredients which produce a gentle reaction that bubbles up all over the face.

Right now, the facemask industry is getting a little stale. There are only so many ways you can repackage clay. Bubble masks have an element of theater which in many ways helps to make them a marketer’s dream. Watching bubbles foam up on your face is fun, like extra-foamy toothpaste. This is one of those skincare products you can imagine being a real event with the girlfriends.
Blurring Foundation 
Eastern women wanted a product that combined sun protection, foundation and moisturizer all in one. And so manufacturers got to work on making the perfect product. The result was a “face blurrer” - a type of product that could be used to conceal blemishes before additional layers of makeup were added.

You can imagine that if such a product were launched in Western countries, it would be big news. Women all over the country are constantly looking for ways to simplify the morning routine and take some of the effort out of applying multiple products to their faces. A simple, one-size-fits-all product would do rather nicely, yet nobody seems to have cottoned onto the fact that this is something women want.

 Splash Spritz Masks
 Spritzs help to refresh the skin, especially on hot days. But splash spritz masks are a little different. Instead of being caked onto your face and left for 20 minutes, a splash mask only lasts a few seconds. It’s also super easy to clean off and doesn’t leave marks on your bedsheets if you miss a bit.

How To Be Daring In Your Summer Fashion Revamp

Apart from winter, summer is the quintessential period in the year where you’re allowed to go little off the deepened. It’s an opportunity for fashion around the world to shake off the cobwebs, revitalize, evolve and try something bold. That’s your cue. Those who dare to try something new are awarded admiration for being brave, and sometimes they set trends that all others follow. If you want to be the flamingo among the flock of pigeons, you’re going to need a few ideas.

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Lipsticks Hats and sunglasses  
The right lipstick is agraphic punch of shade that immediately stands out as a figure of your personality. Lighter, brighter colors stand out more in summer time rather than intense hues that do better in winter. Cotton candy pink is subtle, cute and the postcard image of sunshine. Couple it with a wicker or straw wide brim summer hat. The pink is there to declare your arrival with a BAM effect, but the hat makes onlookers wait for the surprise.

Choosing the rightsunglasses is a little more tricky. Factor into your decision the type of face shape you have. If you have a heart face, try a style with bottom-heavy frames as this will help to extend the width of your look and deaden the triangular angle of your chin. Read through a guide to help you make the best purchase for your natural curves.

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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but hey, don’t forget about the other iconic statements jewelry can make all around your body. Bracelets are a big hit in summer, as they compliment your bare arms in a summer dress. They can be anything from wooden, vintage, ethnic or seasonal designs. Picking the right style is slightly a matter of choice; however, color coordination is what will set you apart. A tiger-patterned wooden bracelet kindly offsets a Verragio ring as the strong brown can draw attention to the sparkle of your middle or index finger.

Necklaces aren’t really necessary in summer because many summer t-shirts have artwork which draws attention away from the neck area. Yet, if you’re intent on wearing a flowery dress, a beautiful polished and buffed silver necklace wouldn’t go amiss. Getting noticed is easier said than done,
the goal is to trap the sunshine in your jewelry so you can command the gleam of the sun at your beck and call.

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Short shorts
Skinny jeans are okay for spring, but the beating sun will take no prisoners in the heart of the summer months so if you’re comfortable with showing a bit of skin, short shorts are the option for you. The tapered ripped denim style is always a favorite with ‘le chic chicks’, who like to wear flat skater shoes. Cotton fabrics in a white shell pattern work well with a dark handbag or a thin waist-high jacket. The hemline is important as the tightness of the clothing is sometimes imperative to avoid any Marilyn Monroe moments if suddenly a rogue gust of wind were to befall you. For this fashion item, it’s best to go and try the style you want in-store as you’ll get a more accurate picture of how your legs and rear look in short shorts.