Vegan Diet: How To Increase Your Protein Intake

Okay so, obviously meat is an excellent source of protein. But if you are following a vegan diet, then you will certainly need a protein replacement, something that will fuel your body and keep you going. That means you will have to include other sources of protein in your meals in order to achieve the recommended daily dose that will help you stay energized during the day. Especially for those pregnant with twins, increased protein intake becomes so important. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you increase your protein intake without much fuss.

The best part of including more protein in your vegan diet is that it will, in fact, help you eat less and therefore increase the chance of weight loss (if that is your goal). The protein keeps you fuller for longer and speeds up your metabolism so you will feel better (goodbye to stomachaches and feeling bloated!) and efficiently helps you build muscles which are perfect for the vegan athletes.

Add almonds to your recipes

A great way to include more protein in your meals is to introducing almonds to your cooking. They are a powerhouse of many essential nutrients and minerals, they are rich in fiber and magnesium and are an excellent source of protein (28 grams of almonds contain 6 grams of protein!). Not to mention that they taste so good and pretty much go great together with many different flavors. So, next time you are experimenting in the kitchen, grab a tablespoon of chopped almonds and spice things up a bit. Add chopped almonds to your healthy smoothies to increase its nutritional value (and flavor of course).

Sneak protein powder in your meals

Grab flavorless protein powder and sneak it into salad dressings, brownies, mashed potatoes and many more recipes if you can’t really pay attention to the amount of protein you are including in your meals. A busy lifestyle requires quick and easy recipes so having protein powder in your kitchen is a great alternative if you run out on protein-rich foods. Using protein powder is not only for the post-workout shakes anymore – now you can experiment and include it in many recipes.

It is really handy to have a ready to mix pancake blend like True Protein french vanilla mix (nomnom) in your kitchen, especially when you’re craving something sweet, low in carbohydrates and sugars and rich in protein! And yes, eating pancakes ensures that you fulfill the daily protein intake while well, eating pancakes! A healthy, quick, dessert or breakfast option with enough protein to fuel your body!

Include protein-rich food in every meal

In order to ensure that you intake enough protein, you should include one high-protein food in every meal. A great lunch option is to add lentils in your broth-based soups. That way you will feel full and with very little effort in the kitchen you will make a delicious lunch you will simply love. Plus a handful of lentils can be subbed in for noodles, rice or anything that is starchy which can make your life easier and your cooking faster (perfect for all of you not keen on cooking). You can add protein-rich food such as quinoa and black peas to your dinner since they are packed with fiber and protein, and make amazing veggie burgers!

Add protein to salad meals

If the hot summer weather makes you want to skip any of your meals – don’t. Instead, opt for fresh salads with protein-rich foods that will refresh you, keep you full, while providing enough energy for all the daily activities, even for the ones who can’t really eat much when it’s hot.  Add more nuts and tofu to your salad to increase the nutritional value of your healthy meal and fulfill daily protein requirements.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to find a perfect protein replacement for your vegan diet and you’re bound to notice awesome results!

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