How To Dress Like A Boss At Your Office Party

Office party season is fast approaching, and this means our brains are in full panic mode. We love attending office parties and work shindigs, but it means we have to find loads of different outfits to wear. After all, no one wants to be known as the person that dressed badly at the office party. Ideally, you want your office party to be on Friday, turn up in an amazing outfit, return to work on Monday, and have everyone still talking about how good your outfit was.

In short; you want to dress like a boss. So, here are my ideas for putting together the ideal outfit.

Accessorize With A Bag

In terms of looking like a boss who means business, you can’t go wrong with a designer bag as your accessory. Get yourself a little clutch bag, and you will turn heads at the office party. Bags are almost like a sign of fashion consciousness nowadays, let people know you know what’s up. A bag from Michael Kors or Gucci will look great with the rest of your outfit. Some people pick what they’re wearing and find a bag to match. I disagree, the bag is the most expensive part of your outfit, pick it first and build your outfit around it.

Find Yourself A Dress

As far as the main part of your outfit goes, I think a dress is the best option for you here. Why? Because dresses have this brilliant ability to look classy, gorgeous, and be really comfortable. Plus, you spend all day with your coworkers wearing restrictive office clothes, it’s time to break free and feel confident for once. Some of the dresses on Lotus Boutique are great for office parties as they’re not too revealing, not too posh, and not too basic. The color of your dress is pretty much up to you, though I would stay away from white or black – unless either color is part of a theme. Simply because you don’t want to give off any wedding or funeral vibes.

Make Yourself Taller In Heels

High heels are only appropriate in certain situations, and I think an office party is one of them. It’s not likely to be a party with a lot of movement, sure, you’ll dance a bit, but things aren’t going to get too out of control. Plus, the effect they have on your whole appearance is amazing. Of course, high heels can add an extra couple of inches onto your height, which may make you tower above everyone. Nothing screams power quite like standing over all your male coworkers and watching them look up at you. It intimidates them, which is exactly what you want to do. You want to walk into this party with everyone’s eyes on you for all the right reasons.

Just like that, you’ve put together a simple yet effective party outfit. Now, you dress like a boss and earn some extra respect from your coworkers. Just make sure you’re the talk of the office because of your amazing outfit, and not because of any drunk shenanigans!

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