Beauty Tips To Ensure You Don’t Have A Bummer Of A Summer

It’s that time of year again. Summer comes with pros and cons; the major pro is that it’s safe to venture outdoors again because the bitter winds of winter have left us, but the major con is that there’s so much pressure to nail that peak summer appearance. Beauty and fashion somehow becomes far more difficult in a warmer climate; everybody expects so much more color and vibrancy. Well, to be honest, we only expect that of ourselves. You are your own worst critic, after all. Still, this doesn’t have to be a scary or overwhelming season. Here are some beauty tips to ensure that you don’t have a bummer of a summer.
Take care of your face.
This is good advice all year round, of course, and it’s about maintaining a healthy glow even as you age. It becomes more important than ever to look after your face during summer, however, because the heat can dry up and ruin your sensitive skin. There are so many ways to look after yourself, but the key ones are to moisturize frequently and stay hydrated. Both of these things will protect your skin, and sunscreen is a given. On a beauty-based level, face masks and light shades of make-up will ensure that your face looks smooth and glowing even under the harsh glare of sunlight.
Keep those lips popping.
This might seem oddly specific or you might know exactly what I’m talking about. Summer is usually full of warm, dry, and potentially humid days; that means it takes a toll on your body. Your lips can easily become dried, chapped, and painful, above all else, if you don’t take care of them properly; this won’t just ruin your look, but it’ll be uncomfortable throughout the day. You should be moisturizing your lips with a high quality lip balm but also using one with SPF protection against the sun. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Of course, a stunning and popping shade of lipstick is the icing on the cake, but put practicality first.
Fashion is everything.
We all know that fashion is one of the most exciting things about summer. You can finally get rid of that hideous, overbearing winter coat that’s been preventing you from showing off any of your cute flowery skirts, shimmering blouses, and other wonderful summery outfits. Light colors are the way to go in summer, as I’m sure you’re aware. Whites, yellows, blues, and other soft colors are really accentuated by the sunshine; use the brightness of the natural world to help you glow.
When it comes to choosing clothing itself, you want to match the current trend whilst adding your own individual flavor. Dungarees and pinafores are definitely in right now, but you could top them off with a cute and colorful top underneath. Of course, summer means it’s no longer too cold to go out in the evenings either; that means you could look into designer dress options online so you’re ready for the next big night out with your friends or perhaps even a summer date.
Look after your hair.
You might not need anybody to tell you this, but you might be interested to hear that you probably haven’t been doing all you could be doing to look after your hair during summers of the past. Running sunscreen through your hair could prevent chlorine and salt water from drying out your hair or removing its color; it sounds bizarre, but it’s true. That’s probably a beauty tip you never thought you’d hear.

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