Find the Perfect Gift for the Hard-to-Buy-For Person

Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or the Christmas holidays, there are many occasions to give a gift to someone you love. Some people are easy to shop for. They are thrilled with everything you give them, from a hair products gift card to useful tools. Others, however, are not very easy to shop for, and you can never find the
right gift. Following are four tips to help you find the right gift for the hard-to-please person on your gift list.

Get input from others.

  1. Take notes of the things they
    like to do.
  2. Go shopping and see what they
    gravitate towards.
  3. Give a gift card to their
    favorite location.
Input from Others
When looking for the perfect gift, talk to people who know this individual. This is especially important for someone who is hard to shop for. Others have different relationships with the person; therefore, they will have different insights. For example, a brother or sister might do things socially with the person and could give you some great ideas.
Keep Notes
Throughout the year, pay attention to the little things that an individual likes. As you notice his or her interests, jot
them down. Keep the ideas in a file that you can refer back to from time to time. Then as you see things that fit with his or her hobbies, you can jot down gift ideas. Do this all year long so you don’t have to come up with gift ideas
all at once.
Go Shopping Together
A great way to get a pulse on the interests of another person is to go shopping with him or her. Watch what the person gravitates toward while you are in the store. For instance, the individual may always be looking at the latest tech items, clothes, or games.
Give a Gift Card
Finally, even if it doesn’t seem like it, a gift card can be the perfect gift. A gift card, such as a hair products gift card to a person’s favorite salon, gives them a sense of freedom. It allows them buy whatever they want without feeling guilty for spending too much money.

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