What You Need to Know about Latisse

Most women dream of long, luxurious lashes and, fortunately, now you can have beautifully long, thick lashes with the use of a non-irritating eyelash serum. Latisse can provide dramatic results, if you use it properly. Along
with helping to plump up your natural lashes, it can also be used to fill in sparse eyebrows.
Latisse is applied like liquid eyeliner and can be used in the morning or evening. It can be used before you apply your makeup, but most people prefer to put it on before they go to bed so that it never irritates them. Don’t share the applicator with anyone else and make sure not to use each applicator more than once or twice to keep it as sanitary as possible.
One Drop Per Day
Latisse can be expensive, so you should try to get all that youcan out of the bottle. The directions state that you should use one drop per eye every night, but some people find that achieve the same results, while
extending their bottle of serum further, by using one drop for both eyes. You can easily do this by placing one drop in the cap and dipping the applicator in to get just the right amount. This can stretch a one-month bottle of Latisse to a full two-month period.
Be Patient
You will need to be patient with this powerful lash serum. It can take up to 12 to 16 weeks for you to see full results, so don’t expect an overnight miracle. You may also experience some side effects when you first begin using
the formula, but these should pass over time. Issues like eye redness, waterline irritation, eye itchiness, and dry eyes are completely natural, so you will just need to be patient. If the side effects are bothering you, you
may need to speak with a doctor or stop using the solution.
Order Latisse Online
You can easily order Latisse online and some companies even offer autoship options so that you never run out. Take a look at “before and after” pictures and read customer testimonials online to make a more informed decision on whether Latisse is right for you.

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