Looking at Wedding Dresses to Find the One

Wedding dresses in Philadelphia are found in bridal stores all across the city. You will need an appointment before you go so that you can be helped properly. A bridal consultant will meet with you, and whomever you brought with you, when you arrive and will take you to a private room where you will discuss what you are looking for, and she may take some measurements. The room should be big enough for you and your party with enough
room to model the dresses the bridal consultant will bring you to try on.
Finding the Right Dress 
Bringing pictures of wedding dresses from magazines, the Internet, and your own sketches will help
the bridal consultant immensely, to know what you like and to give her a place to start.
The larger bridal shops have hundreds of wedding dresses that you can choose from, and they come in many sizes. If you are a size that is somewhere on either end of the spectrum, very tiny or a bit larger, you should let them
know when you make your appointment so that they will have options for you to try on when you get there.
She will bring in some dresses to try on for starters. Just because they look good in a magazine or on a model doesn’t mean they will flatter your figure or look good on your body with your skin tones.
The dresses she will start you with will be the ones that will give her and you
a better idea on which direction you should be going with the dress styles.
Money and the Final Choice
Your budget will play into which dresses
she will be bringing you. You don’t want to try on wedding dresses in Philadelphia above your price limit because chances are, you will want one of them and your budget will be blown. Being able to pay for the wedding beyond just the wedding dress is kind of important. When you try the dress on that you will wear for your wedding, you will know it the minute you see yourself in the mirror with it on. After that, you will need
the underclothing that will finish the look off. You may need a petticoat,
corset, or other accessories. Don’t forget the veil.


  1. October 16, 2013 / 3:51 am

    I just love wedding dresses, there's something so fun about them. You can be a princess or a model or anything you want to be!

    • October 16, 2013 / 4:05 am

      Hoping I can be the prettiest princess ever when I wear my wedding gown someday 😀

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