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(Product reviews are beneficial for businesses because they give consumers a reason to buy one product over another especially if the customer is trying to decide between options on two different sites)

1. There are no charges associated with product review as long as:
**applicable to blog audience
**comes in full size
**provided by the advertiser/company at all cost (shipping, tax, etc)
2. Reviews will be based on my own personal experience and honest opinion
3. It will be posted on all my social media handles as soon as I finished testing the product
4. Time frame is a week or two (sometimes it takes much longer depending on the product)
5. No products will be returned

(Below are product reviews I made based on their respective categories)

** If you want to have your product reviewed by miss JHENZ, kindly send me an EMAIL **


  1. I always love reading about new products!

    1. Thank's PYNK! Just keep posted for more :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awww! That's so sweet :) Thanks Cess!

    2. So are you! :) No problem. Gonna join your giveaways! Hope I win. xx