Knot a Problem: Therapy to Help Relieve Your Stresses and Tensions

Most of us lead relatively hectic lives. Meeting work deadlines, making relationships work, keeping to social arrangements and domestic duties are just a few of the things that we face every single day. It’s not surprising that people of all ages are experiencing heightened levels of stress and tension. The hardest part? Most of these commitments are just that – things that you are committed to and can’t back out of. But that doesn’t mean that you need to entirely deprive yourself of a little time to yourself. Offer yourself the opportunity for a little TLC by treating yourself to a full day dedicated to rest, relaxation and recuperation at least once a month. Here are a few different types of therapy that you can try out to relieve yourself of the stresses and tensions that are a natural result of your day to day life.
Massage is perhaps the go-to option for those feeling worked up. It is a practice which involves a qualified massage therapist rubbing and kneading the muscles and joints of your body to relieve tension and pain. It’s a deeply relaxing treatment, especially seeing as it is usually performed in a private room with natural or dim lighting and soothing music playing throughout the course of the massage. There are several different types that focus on various distinct areas of your body and it may take you a few tries to find the right style and practitioner for your needs. But a good place to start is body massage. This will treat your whole body, rather than focusing on a particular area, such as the hands, feet or scalp. Using your whole body as a starting point will also allow your masseuse to identify areas that you may like to focus on in the future. Just a few options include Swedish massage, sports therapy massage, Tibetan hot stone, Lomi Lomi and specific styles to suit mothers to be.
Steam Rooms and Saunas
Tense or stressed muscles and bodies respond positively to heat and warmth, so try out a thermal experience such as a trip to a steam room or sauna. An increase in your overall body temperature may trick your body into believing it has a fever, encouraging it to produce more white blood cells which help to boost your immune system. This is extremely helpful for those with stressful lifestyles, as stress can cause all sorts of health problems, often leaving you feeling run down and a little worse for wear. These spaces are also deeply relaxing, allowing you to sink into yourself and freeing your mind of excess activity or worry. The atmosphere reduces your adrenaline, easing anxieties and increasing your endorphins.
These are just two of many treatments that are available with the specific aim of allowing you a little rest and relaxation. Not only are they great for your physical health, but are beneficial for your mental health too, allowing you a little time to take your mind off of everyday worries and providing an atmosphere in which you can let go and feel comfortable for a while.

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