New Tv station of the lord coming soon!!!

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Well known religious icon PastorChris Oyakhilome has not long ago made it apparent that a new TV channel called Loveworld USA will be launching as a way of spreading the Love of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founding president of the Believers’ Loveworld incorporated, more known as Christ Embassy. This pastor will continue to do the job he’s dedicated himself to doing for many years.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands the necessity of this TV channel. It is very important if future generations of humans are to be saved from corrupt desires. The TV channel will be the gate towards progress. The lessons that have to be taught will be provided through this channel and anyone can watch it. It will add to the process of bringing millions of people together for a common cause. That cause being to stand together and extend love to all the corners across the entire world on a daily basis weekly.

Loveworld USA will be premiering July 2017. It will be located in California, USA. The new TV Channel will provide viewers with hours of biblical studies, prayers, and answers to many of life’s problems. Those who watch and take part in this grand unveiling will find true bliss and insight into the spiritual world that surrounds us all and can make our lives better. Praying will free you and many others from the corruption that runs rampant through the world that’s visible in social media and other networks. Instead of negative news that serves to delude and cripple the masses, there will now be a channel that provides positive news that’s meant to restore the faith and belief of all humans world wide.
Info on oyakhilome: 
Chris Oyakhilome Is a well equipped and experienced spiritual healer, he’s a talented author whose touched the hearts of many with his best sellers. He doesn’t only teach life lessons through his books, he also teaches everything related to god to all who seek enlightenment and peace. Chris Oyakhilome fulfills the role as President of Believers’ Loveworld Inc. Better known as ChristEmbassy. He created a 24-hour Christian satellite network that operates around the clock to provide millions of believers with everything related to God’s message. The messages are broadcasted from Nigeria over to Africa and also places like the United Kingdom. In the process millions of hurting hearts are healed all thanks to Oyakhilome’s efforts.

Available info on the channel:

Due to the innovative, pioneering, Loveworld USA is now accessible through the internet. The Spectrum Cable Network is broadcasting it all as well. The channel will run, praying shows, crusades, special news, conferences and even music lighten the moods of the millions of viewers. It’s totally free, so if you have loved ones that need a prayer or who’ve been a tad gloomy lately, simply invite them to watch the channel with you and enjoy it all. REMINDER!! the TV channel will be accessible all through the Americas continent and in other areas of the globe. The internet is the next big thing too expand the mesmerizing words of God and allow many to bask in the many blessings!!!. For more coverage on all the movements visit the site right now and have a blessed one!!!!.