Beauty Or The Beast? Making Sure Beauty Sleep Works For You

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We’ve all heard of beauty sleep, right? Most of us have even used it as an excuse to get an early night now and again. But, did you know that sleeping actually does a lot for the appearance of your skin? Melvin Elson, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at Vanderbilt School of Nursing says, "Hormonal changes boost blood flow to the skin, brightening it overnight.’. So, next time you want an early night, you have science backing you.

But, beauty sleep may not be the miraculous cure we all hope for. In fact, if you fail to put any effort in, sleep may have the opposite effect. So, we’re going to look at a few of the things you should do to make sure sleep leaves your skin glowing.

Not that we’re calling you dirty, of course. But, your face might be. If you don’t perfect a bedtime skincare routine, you may go to bed with dirt in your pores. For obvious reasons, that’s the last thing you want to do. Sleeping with clogged pores can do more damage than good. Dirt will cause breakouts galore on your unsuspecting skin! And, things get even worse if you forget to remove your makeup. We’ve all been there. You’re tired; you just want to fall into bed. Your makeup can wait until the morning, right? Wrong!

It’s imperative you take the time to remove your makeup and wash your face with a hot flannel before bed. Makeup removal will clean your pores, while the warm cloth will open them up. Then, they'll be ready for the full benefits of their night’s rest!

Sleep may be fantastic for your skin, but you can always give it a helping hand. After your wash routine, make sure to moisturize your face. Dehydrated skin never looks good. And, few of us drink a decent amount overnight. So, let moisturization take care of that aspect for you.

It’s also worth investing in night specific facial products. Something like these Bio complete serum products from Sente Labs will get to work giving you firmer and smoother skin for the morning. There are night products out there for a host of different skin types. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and find the perfect thing. As you’ve already cleaned and opened your pores, you’re sure to get the full benefits of products like these.

As much as sleep can help your skin, too little sleep can hinder it. Anyone who’s pulled a few all-nighters can bear testimony to this one. Not sleeping leaves your skin looking as tired as you feel. It will, after all, have missed out on those crucial hours of rejuvenation. Plus, dark circles never helped anyone. Solve these issues by ensuring you get enough sleep each night. 8 hours is the recommended amount, and you should aim for that every night. Don’t look so disappointed. It’s a small price to pay for amazing skin.