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Why Choose Bering Watches

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We always wanted to look presentable whenever we go out our house for whatever reason/s it may be. Hanging out with friends, meeting with client, or just wanted to have a sip of coffee and relax on a different environment. What's that one thing that you won't be missing whenever you step out your doorway? Cellphone? Yes, that's necessary. On my end, since I value my time and respect other people's time as well whenever I have commitments meeting them, I always see to it that I have my watch on my wrist to keep an eye on what hour is it already. This is where my new discovery of a classy and elegant looking watch takes the lead - BERING Watches.

Here's a short history of the brand:
"Bering watches was created in 2010 by 3 Danish businessmen, Rene’ Kaerskov, Lars Skjoennemann and Michael Witt Johansen.  Bering watches have minimalistic design; use durable materials, such as high-tech ceramic, sapphire glass crystals, titanium, and high-grade stainless steel in an elaborate manufacturing process.

Bering design inspiration come from the Artic, and along with these inspirations, Bering watches have taken on a social responsibility as well.  In 2011, Bering watches partnered with “Polar Bears International” with the “time to care” campaign. In excess of $150,000 has been donated to protect the arctic and polar bears."

My Top 5 picks from their collection:

BERING - 12430-366 - Ladies

BERING - 32435-999 - Ladies

Simply because I love anything that is color PINK! :)

For your man here is my recommendation:
BERING - 11937-262 - Men

BERING - 10736-222 - Men

And for that classy look, having that round gold stainless steel case with swarovski dial markers, who doesn't want to take home this darling right?

                           BERING - 32230-741 - Ladies
Now, if your are looking for that sophisticated taste of a fine jewelry with wrist watches, look no further and browse ong BERING's Watches Collection HERE