Lazada Back to School Sneaker Fever!

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It's back to school month! In league with this, Lazada PH is having a blast with their "sneaker fever" up to 40% off! Newest trend and up-to-the-minute styles to choose from!

Here are my Top 3 picks for Men's Sneakers

U.S. STAR Tom Canvas Shoes (White/Black)

It promptly fits your casual look, and is bound to be a standout.

TNT Men's Sneakers (Red)

The shoes have an off-the-cuff voguehowever distinctive and fascinating. You'll be able to have a notable look with no effort in any respectsimply place these on and be the best of who you are.

TNT Men's Sneakers (Brown)

Why place any effort if you'll lay-by a cool vogue simply by being you? Snuglaid-back, and 100% unpretentious, the TNT Men’s Sneakers place a recent spin in your casual garments with a little of spunk and splash.

Here are my Top 3 picks for Women's Sneakers
 Keds Champ Canvas Sneakers (Orange)

Keds Champ Canvas Sneakers (Orange)

Kick off the day with the Keds Champ Sneakers. Whether or not it is a downtown day-out with friends or a stroll at the park with the family, add color to your each step during this try.

Shubizz C2464 Rubber Shoes (LT Gray/Beige/Coffee)

Athletic, funky, and classy, these Shubizz C2464 Rubber Shoes will instantly amp up your casual look. Whether or not you’re chilling at the mall or roaming the urban landscape, this try of shoes is certainly a fierce selection.

Skechers Women's Gratis - In Motion Bungee Sneakers 22169 (Charcoal/ Coral)

With Skecher’s Woman’s Gratis Sneakers you'll rise up and find going with all-day ease. Designed for the lady on the go, these sleek shoes feature a article of clothing style with bungee cord lacing for easy-on wear and secure match.

Be hip and trendy! Choose from these "sneaker fever" collection only from Lazada PH and stay fashionable this back to school month! Also, don't forget to like their facebook page.

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  1. I love the men's red ones, they are so fun!