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Three Advantages of a SHOUTcast Radio Station

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Listening to the radio has been an American past time for about 100 years, but the ways that people listen are always changing. It may seem like the benefits of creating or utilizing a radio station are dying out as fewer people are tuning in, but there are still lots of people who listen to the radio, they just look in a different place for radio broadcasts. Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever to broadcast audio throughout the entire world by using SHOUTcast hosting. There are a few advantages you and your organization or business might find in creating your own digital broadcast.

Lower Equipment Cost
Compared to traditional radio transmission, it is much cheaper to broadcast online. Instead of reserving a frequency and building or renting a radio tower, all you need is some basic computer equipment. You can set up the software right on your own computer, or you can pay a web hosting service to use their servers.
Free Listing
When you create a SHOUTcast station, your station is listed in a directory along with every other station. The best part about this directory is that inclusion is free. If somebody is looking for your station specifically, or just a station similar to yours, your station will show up. You don't have to rely on people visiting your website to gain access to your station. If you're willing to spend a bit of money, you can even get your station listed as a "Featured Broadcaster," which will mean even better visibility.

Generate Revenue
Whether you're broadcasting music or talk, there are ways to generate revenue through your station. If your station has regular listeners, you can arrange for other businesses to play advertisements during your broadcast. The more listeners you get, the more money you can potentially make through advertisements. This revenue, along with the other advantages, make up for whatever amount you'll be paying for SHOUTcast hosting.