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Things to Remember about Your Jewelry

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The big day of your anniversary is coming up. You decide to get jewelry for your spouse, but don’t want it to be like the other pieces that you have gotten that just end up in the jewelry box collecting dust. Not that your spouse is ungrateful, you just haven’t found the one perfect piece that she can’t live without. You decide to go about it again this year, but instead of going in blind you decide to learn all that you can about jewelry and what it takes to own a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime. You can always ask any of the jewelers in NYC for advice, but before you head out on this adventure, keep a few of these things in mind.

If you want the piece to look beautiful for many years to come, then you need to put in the work to keep it clean. It’s simple, really. Just clean it as frequently as you want it to be shiny and sparkly and you should be good to go. Even if you have an imperfect diamond, keeping it clean will make it look even more beautiful than a dirty flawless one. Follow the guidelines put forth about cleaning your diamond and then do it frequently.

Before you head out on the road, make sure that you have a plan for the jewelers you will be visiting. Yes, you should visit several to know that you are getting the best price. Just because a jewelry store is always packed with customers is no indication that the prices are the best. Generally, you will find that the national chains have much higher markups than the independent jewelry stores do.
Some people don’t know that this is an option, but it would do you some good to know. If your spouse has a beloved piece of jewelry that was passed down from a family member but won’t wear it because it’s broken or missing pieces, you can always bring it into one of the jewelers in NYC and have it rearranged. The setting can be changed, the stones taken out, and the whole thing can be rearranged. Just be absolutely positive that doing that would be okay with your spouse.