Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past - Book Review

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Authored by Ronald G. Knapp this book showcased not just a typical structure that we often see in our daily modern living. A bridge is something that we rarely pay attention to but in this particular book, the author captured perfectly this magnificent work of art. It will open up our minds that these structures are not just there for connecting one place to another but are far more than that. It provides not just its functionality, no matter how bare it is for human eyes.  It gives more and is represented by the various embellishments that are well thought; intensely hand crafted, and can stand the generations ahead. Bridges generate connections between people and places they inspire an air of friendship, camaraderie, and brotherhood. A knowledgeable work of art paired with wide-ranging research that provides a thorough account of more than twenty well maintained, historically, culturally, and well-constructed known bridges all over China, It even tells us how advance their technology and designs even during earlier times. It ranges from the simplest type to the most ornate, intricately detailed and chimerical ones. It reveals not just its functionality as well as unyielding the Chinese architecture is. Aesthetically speaking it is something that cannot be compared even to the modern ones that we have nowadays, nonidentical, culturally rich, and grandiose in every angle.

Showing early Chinese lifestyle on how they deal with their usual routine, very utilitarian. It evolved to being histrionic leaving everyone in awe every time they take a glimpse of these astonishing architectural pieces. Detailed like a story that tells how colorful life has been to these citizens of earlier times. Every carving gives us a bird’s eye view on how artistic and expressive they are. They fashioned each of their masterpiece beyond the limits of time, accompanied by a jaw-dropping photos of Chester Ong plus Knapps’ hyper awareness to the details and every angle of classical bridge design, adornment, construction, and representation is indeed very exhilarating. While the usual architecture related books are used to offering the readers just superficial appreciation, the author gave us a more esoteric view, handing over massive and historical and cultural background for Chinas’ architectural heritage. A definite visual feast for every reader regardless if they are well versed in the technicalities of the “Architectural World” or a student who would like to widen their knowledge regarding well preserved  architectural masterpiece that still exists now in our modern times, or just a curious one looking for a book to read.

Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past - this is one book that is highly recommendable for you book lovers all around the world. Reading this will transport you to Ancient China allowing you to experience their well cherished culture, witness their advanced technology when it comes to architectural design even before the existence of modern and high end gadgets that we have now. Do not miss this rare opportunity of understanding a different culture through these picturesque remarkable bridges that withstand the test of time. A heightened level of architectural elation is surely guaranteed.