Jewelry Is Part of Mankind’s Legacy

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When it comes to jewelry, cultures have been adorning themselves probably since before men came down out of the trees. Jewels and other accoutrements have represented wealth, power, ability, possession, and beauty for as long as anyone can research and probably longer. While the times have changed as have the jewelry choices, one thing is certain the right piece of jewelry like a princess crown ring is sure to make the person you love feel like royalty.

What Stone Is This?
All over Europe, archaeologists have found these stones. A little bigger than the fist, the stones are chiseled into the shape of an axe head. The problem is that they are far too dull to have ever been used for such a purpose. One proposal is that men would give these stones to women as a sign that the men were interested and to show that the man could make tools. This may be the origin of getting a rock to represent engagement.

Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies, Oh My!
There are many gem types and cut styles to choose from. If you are looking for a stone, you may want to know something about them. For example, some people say that if the emerald industry were as tightly controlled as the diamond industry, emeralds would be worth more than diamonds. If you are looking at a diamond, you might want to get one that is not from Africa, conflict diamonds have funded wars on that continent for a long time. Those ruby slippers? Not really made of rubies, but you probably already knew that.

Even if you are with someone who doesn’t wear jewelry all of the time, it is nice for that person to have a choice when he or she needs it. Whether it is a finely tuned watch or a princess crown ring, a good piece of jewelry can turn heads and start conversations. It might even bring out the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes. The only real question that you will need to address is “if diamonds are forever and love is for always, which will actually last longer?”


  1. That ring is the best, it's like wearing a mini crown! How wonderful!