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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Facebook Page

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Is your business currently failing to obtain a high volume of traffic on social media sites? Social media can be extremely powerful to help your company attract new customers, and maintain healthy relationships with existing customers. Consider using OrangeSoda’s Facebook page to create a unique page that will attract customers, and will create a stronger presence on social media sites. Here are some of the reasons why you need to create a new Facebook page if you want to become successful with social media.

Call to Action
There are several opportunities to host promotions and other things that will truly help you build a stronger customer base. Using a custom Facebook page, you can set up each promotion separately. As people “like” your Facebook page, it will begin to grow the overall social media presence. You can include a call to action that gives the customer something in exchange. Perhaps you want to run a promotion for a free eBook, or how about coupon codes, white papers, and other things that are interesting to the customers? The custom landing page makes it easier for the customers to understand, and you are less likely to experience problems with people clicking off the page.

Having your own unique Facebook page will set your business apart from all the others out there. It’s an ideal way to brand your business, and to create unique layouts that really make a great impression on new customers. A page that is well-designed helps to show the customer that you care for their needs.

A great aspect to a nice Facebook page is how it displays your creativity. Many companies find that creating a custom Facebook page allows them to showcase how the company is moving into the future, and leading the way for the rest of the industry. Using Orangesoda’s Facebook page, you will be able to create a unique page that is informative and creative. It is important to use the page in a way that will display current information to the customers, and provides them with a clear explanation of the benefits your products and services can provide.