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Sweet Stuff from Sincerely Sweet Boutique - Chiffon Dress

8:48 pm Miss JHENZ 4 Comments

A week ago I received these sweet girly stuff exclusively for "sweet chick" from Sincerely Sweet Boutique shop. A dress and hair accessory inside this fab package :)

Dress - Sweetie Pie Pleat Waist High-Low Chiffon Dress in Blush Pink

What I like about this dress are the following:
First, it is my favorite shade of color which is pink. Solitary and very feminine in style. With coy sleeveless and high-low waist tied at the back. Smooth and silk in fabric giving me the confidence and move freely.

Hair Accessory - Empress Dowry Hair Chain in Golden Platter
With double metal golden hair combs hitched in delicate chains. Wearing this accessory creates a fictional fairy tale/fantasy character in you. Glamour plus beauty and of course don't forget to wear that sweet smile.

Again, Thank you Sincerely Sweet Boutique team!

I swear, great finds for sweet chicks can only be found on their shop so take a minute to browse their site.
Merry Christmas Everyone :)


  1. That is such a great dress, I love the colour and cut!!!

  2. I'm not a huge pink fan, but I do love that dress! Very cute!

    1. True Holly! I am so inlove with this dress :)