Butterfly Sleeve Dress,

Purple Chiffon Loose Butterfly Sleeves Korean Fashion Blouse

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Hi pretties! Can you still remember my post about one of my favorite online fashion shop COCO FASHION? You may read my post HERE.

And I was so blithe upon receiving this dress from them as their fashion hunter!

This is the Purple Chiffon Loose Butterfly Sleeves Korean Fashion Blouse from COCO FASHION.
If you want to achieve that sassy look with scoop neckline and short sleeve, having that nicely trimmed neckline to heighten more the sexy design, then this one is impeccable for you!

Chiffon fabric made. Under a magnifying glass it resembles a fine net or mesh which gives chiffon some see-through properties. This cloth is so smooth and comfortable to wear.

With the purple color given to me shows more of my girly side :)

It has this lace at the back so you can fashionably adjust the dress depending on your size and desire.

Moreover, it polishes with draped short sleeve that finishes with light tone trimming and midi-length style shirt.

Where can you buy this: COCO FASHION
Market price: $ 17.99 (promotional price: $ 8.13)


  1. I love the dress sis! I love also the details on the side, it makes your body frame become fit! Looks good on you :)

  2. I like COCO FASHION Purple Chiffon Loose Butterfly Sleeves Korean Fashion Blouse! I love PURPLE!

  3. Nice dress! I actually have one that looks just like this! please post more about fashion dress. Thanks! :)

    1. Really? Do you have a post about it? I love to see your post if you have any ^^. Thank's CAI :)

  4. My boyfie loves purple that even his motorcycle is painted purple and white, and he's been trying to make me love purple too even though he knows I am a pink lover. I'm into batwing tops because it doesn't make me look so thin. You look good in that dress.

    1. Awww, thank's Krystel ^^. We are both PINK LOVER honey! :)