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PR1 for my TUMBLR

10:08 pm Miss JHENZ 12 Comments

This one really surprised me when I checked my PAGE RANK for my TUMBLR ACCOUNT today! I got PR1 woohooo!

I am so amazed for the fact that I am blogging more here on my blogspot than my tumblr account, yet I got 0 for my blogspot T_T
Maybe there's something I'm missing on hmmmm..

But nonetheless I am a happy girl for that news! :)
I got PR1 for my TUMBLR yipee!
and PR4 for my FB PAGE :D
Maybe not that big deal for those who knows a lot about social media thingy, but for me? This really makes me happy :D

You might wanna join my giveaways and bloglist :)
Spreading good vibes to everyone :)

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  1. Hi Jen, hope we cab do exchange links :)

  2. wow. congrats on your tumblr! :)

  3. Congratulations on your PR1 :)
    My blog increased in PR too so I'm really happy. It means all the hard work we put into our blogs are not wasted :3

    1. True :) super happy and amazed hahaha :)

  4. Congrats on your tumblr's PR1~ :) Hope we get a higher PR on the next update! ;)

    1. Hehehe Wishing on that one :) Thank you!