“My Zalora Wishlist”

10:21 pm Miss JHENZ 10 Comments

What comes into your mind when you hear the word " SHOPPING "
- mall?
- tiangge?
- night market?
- traffic jam?
- not enough time because you will be out late from work?
- commute?
- tired?

Well then better sit back and relax as I introduce to you, SHOPPING on your own time, at your own place, with all the brands and plenty of items to choose from! Shop online with ZALORA.

Having a tour on their online shop makes me crave and wanting this five items to have delivered right at our doorstep to call mine.

First on my wish list is the ALBERTO WEDGE SANDALS - The various hues of blue and green makes a dull outfit stand out. these strappy wedges can be worn on a nice day out with your girlfriends.

Second is the FOLDED & HUNG LSJ-LADIES BASIC 5 POCKET JEANS - Everyone needs a good pair of jeans - the FOLDED & HUNG ladies 5 pocket jeans make sure your comfortable in this classy look.

Third is PLAINS AND PRINTS CORINTH S/L WITH NECKLACE - Go out in a relax style with this asymmetric salmon colored tank top. 

And to complete my outfit, how can I go out without undergarments? :) Fourth and fifth on my wish list is FOLDED & HUNG LEOPARD HIPSTER PANTY and FOLDED & HUNG LEOPARD PRINT BRA - Comfortable and sexy. Level up the sexy with this wild, cool and stylish undergarments.

I want to look good whenever I go out, but looking good comes from within from being comfortable with what you wear. I am just a simple urban classy chiq, young, wild and free, and really wanting to have the outfit of my dreams, my ZALORA WISHLIST.

I am pretty sure now that you want to head over at ZALORA's site to check out their latest item. Hesitate no more because with ZALORA:
- They offer an ever-expanding line-up of choices
- You can be the stylist and assemble a complete outfit with simplicity and ease from the comfort of your own home
- ZALORA PHILIPPNES is committed to giving you the best possible online shopping experience

NOTE: This my official entry for NUFFNANG " MY ZALORA WISHLIST " which ends on MAY 23.

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  1. Very great finds!!!


    -Catherine Cueto

  2. i like the pants and the swim wear..

    im sure it will suites u well :)

  3. the shoes is very girly! Can I also join the zalora?

    -- trish

  4. I love Zalora's Item. Everything's so fab and glamorous! ;)

  5. love the tank top too! simple yet very chic! :)

  6. I love the wedges. <3 I lalalove Zalora. So many lovely items!

  7. so girly! did you won? nice picks pretty