Can You Say BOO With This Dog Breed?

7:01 pm Miss JHENZ 7 Comments

I am really a cat lover and I wish to have a Persian cat :D

So adorable Isn't it? :) so cute!!
But after knowing about this BOO dog breed, I got confused on which pet I will be getting T_T

Should I go for a PERSIAN CAT or a BOO DOG?
They look the same ^^.
Weee.. so cute.. so adorable.. such a stress reliever!
Who owns a BOO or PERSIAN cat??
Let me hear your thoughts :)


  1. i love BOO! hes so adorable..

  2. I dont own a BOO dog or a cat, but if i got to choose, I'll definitely choose BOO!!! :)

  3. Go for Boo dog bes, its soo cute and lovable :)

  4. waaah! All of you voted for a BOO :) wee.. What we have right now is a golden retriever named KIRA :) but he's getting old na T_T hmm.. Let's see if I can have a boo :P

  5. Both pets are cute but I'll go for the BOO DOG! :)

  6. Go with boo dog. Super cute at ang sarap icuddle, kagigil :)

  7. Boo dog for me! And I think my daughter will also love it...