Kiss Me.. But Never Dare Fall In Love With Me!

6:10 pm Miss JHENZ 9 Comments

Since I can't access my FACEBOOK account, and I don't have much to do, I will grab this chance to share you some of my favorite lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm :)

#01: L'oreal riche lipstick
       shade: Natural

#02: L'oreal 6 hour lipgloss 
This one so far is my favorite!

#03: Maybelline strawberry lip balm 
I use this everyday and before going to sleep to moisturize my lips :)

There you go! I wanna know your favorite lipstick/gloss too!
Share it and comment below :)


  1. for now im loving Maybellines Color Bloom in Pink Blossom, its a color changing lip balm and Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich lippie in Rose Ribbons ^_^,

  2. hmmm... im interested with #03: Maybelline strawberry lip balm. i think im gonna give it a try.

    1. it's very affordable I strongly recommend you should give it a try and share me your thoughts :)

  3. dapat ginamit mo tas picture ka :)

  4. im using maybelline watershine pure C22 minsan minsan ko lang din ginagamit :D..ok na me sa natural look haha.

  5. Hanggang lip balm lang ko girl.haha :) try ko nga din yan nextym :D

  6. I really think maganda ang L'Oreal lipstick. Tried it once and I definitely loved it.